Visitors' Remarks

MS. K. JAYA NAGA LAKSHMI, PSM, and MR. SEKHAR RAJU, ABM - visited on 22.11.2018:

Training has done very well by good support of teacher and heads. Its great pleasure meeting your teachers.

REV. DR. M. PREMJIT KUMAR, Director: Mission India, Punnelu Village (Luko1s Nagar) Inavolu Mandal, Warangal Urban, Telangana - visited on 18.12.2019:

Blessed to be here on this fancy Date for the auspicious Christmas Cantata. Sensed Divine Light in this Institution and Sikile families. Blessings for a fruitful growth.

Dr. D. RAJYA LAKSHMI, MDRD, Nikhitha Scan Centre, Narsapur - visited on 16.02.2019:

Very good coordination in children in all activities and very good, active participation. Enjoyed a lot and had a fun. Excellent work of all the staff !!

MR. SATISH KUMAR, VBS Staff, H.No.108, VPD Bilgahear by Sahnewal, Dist. – Ludhiana, Punjab 141120 - visited on 20.03.2019:

I do not have any particular to thank you one & all. I enjoyed my stay here in Narsapur. God is great, excellent cooperation and hospitality. May God bless you all with his power and spiritual blessings.

MR. N. MANJU BHARGAV (Norman), 1-13, Kuppam – 517425, Chittor Dist., A.P. - visited on 20.03.2019:

I did not know about Remarks, but I suggest all the Teachers to be united. All should be happy. Punctuality is taking a bit. Remaining I enjoyed being at J. Sikile. God Bless this Institution.

MS. K. KALPANA KUMARI, Mamata Dental Hospital, Narsapur - visited on 09.08.2019:

Very nice with message orientation improve students with colour ful costumes. Enjoyed well.... Thank you!

MS. RAMYA PRIYANKA - visited on 09.08.2019:

I have a great time with your school and very nice treating of the staff Thank you ! Good Luck for everyone.

MS. G. PURNIMA, Flat No.E4, Gayathri Apartments, Royapet, Narsapur - visited on 27.08.2019:

I would like to thank the Almighty God, Management, Staff, Parents and lovely children to be a part of this wonderful occasion. It instills a spirit of confidence in the children to face the audience. Congratulations to the parents and children taking part in this program. Loved the entire event. Thank you !

MS. K. NAGAMANI, Krishna Diabetic Centre, Swarajyarama Street, Narsapur - visited on 27.08.2019:

MS. K. SREE RANJANI - visited on 04.09.2019:

I have a strong attachment with this place. The faulty and the atmosphere has helped me to learn the foundations of every subject and it helped me in reaching the heights of my life. Thank you so much for all the help and support. you’ve provided me to unleash my skills.

MS. B. SARADA, H.No.16-2-66/4, Opp. Weavers Colony, Narsapur - visited on 24.09.2019:

I am very happy in this performance of students. Students have most beautiful dialogues. Thank you !

MS. D. VIJAYA KUMARI, H.No.11-6-48, Gandhi Nagar-II, Narsapur - visited on 24.09.2019:

I have a pleasure to come this institution in a Fancy Dress Competition as a Judge. Thank you all of J. Sikile Management !

MS. S. SAILAJA, H.No.11-6-7, Gandhi Nagar-II, Narsapur - visited on 28.09.2019:

It’s a glad opportunity to be a part of the competition. The hospitality in this institution was Great. And the kids are lovely and improving every year. Thank you !

MS. D. UMA MAHESWARI, Sri Sai Children Hospital, Narsapur - visited on 28.09.2019:

It’s a wonderful opportunity and experience. Its worth watching all the kids. Thank you !

MR. S.N. JHA, Rachnasagar Publications, Hyderabad - visited on 04.10.2019:

Good experience to interact with the K.G. Teachers about teaching & handling the students; mean, children.

MS. D. RAJYALAKSHMI, Nikhitha Scan Centre, Narsapur - visited on 11.11.2019:

Good Experience with the children and staff. All the children are very glad to have a this type Academically Encouraging staff. It is very useful for developing speaking ability and creativity ideas to the children. And I am very thankful for inviting me here.

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