Visitors' Remarks

MS. N. HEMALATHA, D.Th., W/o. N.V. Narendra Babu, Narsapur - visited on 29.08.2018:

I feel privilege to be here as a part of the school and this competition. I am very glad to be the Judge and its an honour for me. Thank you for the whole team of J. Sikile School.

MS. N.V.S. SURYA KUMARI, M.A.,B.Ed., M.H. School Road, Narsapur - visited on 29.08.2018:

Satisfactory, good discipline.

MS. N. SUGUNA YUSUF, B.A.,P.E.T., Gandhi Nagar-I, Narsapur - visited on 30.08.2018:

Thank you for inviting me to be the Judge for Fancy Dress Competition. Participation is excellent. Really the organization is very good. May the school continue the great work it has done for the years.
Thank you!

DR. MARY PERSIS T., M.A.,Ph.D., Asst. Prof. of English, Dr. C.S. Rao P.G. Centre, Sri Y.N. College, Narsapur - visited on 30.08.2018:

I am very thankful for the management for having invited me as a judge during the Fancy Dress Competition conducted on 30.08.18. The participants did their level best. I really appreciate the faculties who have encouraged the students and the parents hard work. I wish all the very beat for future success.
Thank you!

MS. S. SAILAJA, Near Eye Hospital, Narsapur - visited on 04.09.2018:

I am privileged to be part of this competition. Thank for making me a part of this. I specially thank the management and teachers. Thank you!

MS. M. SUPRAJA, Gayathri Apartments, Narsapur - visited on 04.09.2018:

I thank the management and teachers for inviting me. Thank you!

MR. B. MADHAVA NAIDU, M.L.A., Narsapur - visited on 06.10.2018:

I felt so happy to come as a guest to my School in which I studied. I thank Percy Paul sir and management for giving me opportunity to participate in this occasion.

MR. A. N. MURTHY, X A.D.J, Narsapur - visited on 19.04.2018:

I am very happy and delighted to see the reputed institution and observed the discipline and manners shown by students and all of them must deserve to be encouraged in pursuit of education career particularly on rural India.

Dr. GOPAL KOLLEPARA, (1992 batch), Narsapur - visited on 19.04.2018:

An invite from J. S. School, my second home, is always a delight. It also reminds me of my good old days here. I wish all the pupils a great success in future.

MR. POLISETTI SURYA CHANDRA RAO (SURI BABU), Advocate, Narsapur - visited on 19.04.2018:

The school is good environment. It is fortune to the Narsapur people to have such a good school to groom their kids.

DR. S. SAMKAR PAD, Arrow Publishers - visited on 26.04.2018:

Teachers are good, their learning abilities are good. Management is able to provide good platform to learners.

MR. K. VIJAY, Product Offier & MR. K. GANESH, Sales Executive, MBD Group, Hyderabad - visited on 27.04.2018:

All Teachers were participated very actively. Even though they came to school around 7:30 A.M.
Special thanks to Management and Staff for good hospitality.
Thank you so much once again !

DR. CHANDRA LATHA, 16-4-232, Prabhava, Pogathota, Nellore - visited on 28.04.2018:

It is a great experience talking to teachers of the school. Teachers are very receptive and friendly.
Best wishes………

MR. ABHINAV CHAWLA, Sr. Geologist, Reliance Industries Ltd., Navi Mumbai- 400701 - visited on 12.05.2018:

Feeling so joyous and excited visiting school after 23 years. Left when I passed 3 rd standard in 1995. School has grown just like it grows all of us.
Wish lots of best wishes. Would like to be in touch.

MR. N. VENKAT KIRAN, Minister of God, Ray of God Ministries, Kovvur - visited on 09.06.2018:

Had a blessing time in school by dealing with teachers. We thank the Management for all hospitality. We enjoyed food.
God may bless the school to reach its goal.

MR. N.V. NARENDRA BABU, Pastor, Ray of God Ministries, Narsapur - visited on 09.06.2018:

It’s a great experience to be a part this Teacher’s Retreat. The topics that I dealt, brushed my thinking even to teach better to the Teacher. Thanks for making me a blessing to them.
God bless you !

MS. N. HEMALATHA,W/o. N.V. Narendra Babu, Teacher, Narsapur, Ray of God Ministries - visited on 09.06.2018:

It is good to meet the school and the management, staff on the occasion of Teacher’s Retreat. I am very glad to meet such a big Institution.
Thank you very much !

MS. G. SOWJANYA, Lecturer in Computer Science, Sri Y.N. College, Narsapur - visited on 04.08.2018:

It’s a great pleasure to be a part in this event. It’s a good platform to carry out the talents of the kids.
Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I pray to God to bless your institution in the coming days also.
Thank you !

MS. T. DAISY, Teacher in V.V.V., Vizag - visited on 04.08.2018:

This is a great pleasure to be a part of this program.

MRS. G. PADMAJA, Principal, AKRG School, Nallajerla and Teachers MR. J. H. LOKANATH, B.Sc.,Ed., Science Teacher, MS. K.V.J.K.S.A. VARSHINI, Mathematics Teacher, MR. B. KASHI VISHWANATH, Communications Admin., Nallajerla - visited on 22.08.2018:

We the team of AKRG School visited along with the Principal visited your school. The way the things are being done here is commendable. The Director brings the energies to fore by leading from front.

MS. T. DELSLY, Lecturer in English, Sri Y.N. College, Narsapur - visited on 28.08.2018:

I am very glad to be a part of this programme. I thank and appreciate the Management, Staff and Teachers, parents for their cooperation. It’s a very good platform for the children to know their abilities.
Thank you!

MS. PITTA VAZRA SUNEELA, Lecturer in Vocational College, Lecturer in Microbiology, Narsapur - visited on 28.08.2018: I am very glad to participate in this programme. I am thankful to Management and staff. And I appreciate parents and teachers to encourage children. Thanking you ! MR. CHRISTOPHER LANCE I. Narsapur (Visakhapatnam) - visited on 23.02.2018:

It’s been a privilege meeting Percy Paul sir after a long time, Been as student of this school where discipline and manners are learnt and kept in heart and implementing in daily life. Visited to discuss about Smart Classes as personal interest to give the best to serve the school in a better way which have taught me how to lead life. Thanking you for every

Dr. D. N. SURYANARAYANA RAJU, Principal, SVKP & Dr. KSR Arts & Science

College, Penugonda - visited on 24.02.2018:

Kindergarten Graduation day is an innovative concept. It really boosts the academic ambience in the campus. The school is well equipped not only with infrastructure but also with the dedicated and committed faculty. I appreciate the Management for the sincere efforts which kept the institute at greater level.
Wishing all the very best…….

MR. R. JOHN MOSES, Retd. H.M., Gandhi Nagar-2, Narsapur-534 275 - visited on 06.09.2017:

I am happy to attended the Fancy Dress Competition. The Management, staff working in this institution are active to organize this competition. God guide them in future plans also.

MR. P. SAMSON, Teacher, MPPS, Kopparru Main, Narsapur Mandal, Agarthi Palem, Palakol Mandal - visited on 06.09.2017:

I am very happy to attend Fancy Dress Competition. It is a great organization. School Management give honour to me. Thanks to Correspondent sir and Principal madam and Teachers.

MR. D.D. SATYA SRINIVAS, No.6-3- 55, Sugar Colony, Palakol - 534 260 - visited on 29.09.2017:

Came to school, to show my kids very happy to show and explain my kids about my school.

MR. E. DANIEL RAJU, Joint Director, CBSE, COE, Kakinada - visited on 28.10.2017:

Very good school with enough infrastructure and able staff.
My best wishes always with you.

MR. B. RAVI KIRAN, Principal, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Vidhyashram, NIRDPR Campus, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad-30 - visited on 29.10.2017:

It is a very good experience with staff and management. Excellent Hospitality and very good participation of staff.

MR. MINI RANSOM, S/o Lizzey Benedict, CMR International School Bowenpally, Telangana State - visited on 29.10.2017:

Very good and spacious building with good quotes being spread out the Institution. Kind hospitality shown.
Thank you!
Great Day and Bright future!
All the very best!

MS. LIZZEY BENEDICT (RP), 1-11- 21, Golnaka, Temple Alwal, Hyderabad-16 - visited on 29.10.2017:

Wonderful, Amazing people here at J. Sikile. Great Hospitality and welcomed with cheer and a warm heart. God Bless all of you! Great Team of people at all levels.
All the Best for all future endeavours.
Thanks & Regards.

MR. BANDARU MADHAVA NAIDU, M.L.A., Narsapur - visited on 06.12.2017:

Felt happy to participate in my School Christmas Celebrations. It’s a great opportunity and pleasure given by the Management.
Thanks to Sikile School Management.

MR. JULIAN FREEMAN, Toronto, Canada - visited on 06.12.2017:

I am thankful to be with you all to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour! Many blessings in the New Year !
May God bless all your labours for Jesus at this school. With thanks to God!

MR. VISWAJEET S. PARA, Delhi - visited on 12.01.2018:

It is very nice to meet with Meena madam, School arrangement and Management is very good. Meena ma’m specially arrange cab for me to catch my train.
Thank you so much ma’m!

MS. S. SAILAJA, H.No.9-10-12, Near Eye Hospital, Maddipatla vari street, Narsapur - visited on 26.08.2017:

Invited as a Judge for Jr. and Sr.Kg. students.
MS. K. KALPANA KUMARI, H.No.16-4-23, Tulasi Nagar, APHB Colony, Narsapur - visited on 26.08.2017:

Very glad to invite me as a guest for the Fancy Dress Competition.
MR. P. NAVEEN BABU, 11-6-101, Gandhi Ngar-2, Narsapur - visited on 30.08.2017:

Glad to be a part of judging in Fancy Dress Competition in the esteemed institution. Children are enthusiastic and good in communication skills.
MS. S. SUDHA RANI, Gandhi Nagar-II, Narsapur - visited on 31.08.2017:

Very glad to Invite me. This programme is very interesting, performance good. Judge for Std.IX and X, I am very happy.
Thank you!
MS. N. SUGUNA YUSEF, 11-7-6, Gandhi Nagar-1, Narsapur - visited on 31.08.2017:

I am very happy to attend the Fancy Dress Competition. It is good organization. Every competitor show their good performance. Really I appreciating both management, staff and parents. I am always praying for your Institution development. May God guide you in your future plans also.

Dr. B. MURALI, M.D. Gen. Medicine, P.G. Diabetology, Thulasi Hospital, Josyulavari Street, Narsapur - 534 275 - visited on 05.07.2017:

It was a privilege to come as a guest to the school in which I have studied. The school was being run with the same standards. Proud to be an alumni of J. Sikile School.

Dr. GOPAL KOLLEPARA, M.B.B.S., MRCGP(UK), DFSRH(UK), PG Diabetes(UK) Krishna Diabetic Centre, Narsapur - visited on 05.07.2017:

It gave the greatest nostalgic feeling of my life, visiting the school and attending as a guest of honour for investiture function.

G. MOUSHMI - visited on 06.07.2017:

Children performed excellent. Personally I enjoyed it.

Dr. L. SHANTHI - visited on 06.07.2017:

Nice performance in Fancy Dress Competition. But one remark - the usage of language is to be improved a lot both in teachers and students.

Mr. I. JOHNY VIDYA SAGAR BURTY - visited on 15.07.2017:

The school gave me the best childhood. I’m basically working for NAT GEO. Doing my B.Tech final, Delhi (Batch 2000 - 2009) LKg. to Std.VIII

Mr. JOHN W. CORY M. - visited on 15.07.2017:

I, myself felt overjoyed visiting school, the standards has been increased in all the aspect. I pray it should continue the same.

Mr. PRITI SHARMA - visited on 26.07.2017:

Parents are more willing to know more about MR Campaign during the PTM. So many parents asked the question about MR and School Administration are very supportive.

Dr. G. PADMAJA RANI, Dy. D.M.H.O., Narsapur - visited on 26.07.2017:

Parent to Teacher Meet was conducted regarding M.R. campaign along with “WHO Consultant” and “UNICEF Consultant”.
The meeting is successful and we are able to convey the message to the parents properly to get their children immunized against “MR Vaccine” with the cooperation of School Administration.
The school management made us to feel happy in spreading the message.

Dr. B. THIRUMALA RAO, W.H.O. - RRT member - visited on 26.07.2017:

1) Urban planning is doing in better way.
2) Cold Chain points verified  2 + 2
3) Parents Teachers meeting was conducted in J. Sikile School - CBSE
4) MR Vaccination programme is doing in better way. Nice participation by Dr. Padmaja, Dy.D.M.H.O. and Dr. Ramakrishna.
5) IEC activities doing good way.
6) Sub unit officers and other active officers performance is good.
7) Hoping for successful programme
Mr. G.R. SUNIL KUMAR, Teacher, Door No.11-2-20, Malem Street, Narsapur - visited on 17.07.2017:

I am participated as one of the judge in the Fancy Dress competition for primary class. I feel very happy, for the organizing and maintained the competition in methodical way. My sincere wishes to all the children who participated in this competition. I am very thankful to the J. Sikile School Management and the Staff.

Mr. B. MANIKYALA RAO, H.No.16-4/1 - 5/449, Tulasi Nagar, Housing Board Colony, Narsapur - visited on 17.08.2017:

It is a great privilege for me to participate in the Fancy Dress Competition as a Judge. It is quite encouraging that the students participated great enthusiasm. The class teachers and other staff encouraged the students. The school management doing this event every year to promote and encourage the students in their studies and life even. I am happy to involve myself in this programme.

Ms. B. RACHEL ANUPAMA, D/o. B. Samuel John, Rustumbada, Kothakaluva Road, Narsapur, - visited on 18.08.2017:

It is a great privilege to participate as a judge in Fancy Dress Competition in school which I studied upto 6th class.

Ms. B. SALOME NIRPAMA, Kothakaluva Road, 26th ward, Rustumbada, Narsapur, - visited on 18.08.2017:

Had a great time to spend here where I studied. Thank you for inviting me and had lovely time in Fancy Dress Competition as a Judge. Thank you!

Mr. S. AJAY SINGH, S/o. S. William D. No.5-54, V.V. Garuvu, Palakol - 534 260 - visited on 01.04.2017:

I am very happy to recall all my childhood days. Indeed a great privilege to come back and have a glare at the School. Many things have changed Greenery, Fountains. Cleanliness is the best part and remains the same ever.

Dr. S. YAGNA SEKHAR, Associate Professor, Madras Christian College, Tambaram, Chennai-59, Tamil Nadu - visited on 03.06.2017:

First time I have visited this small town, Narsapur and J. SIKILE SCHOOL. It’s a wonderful experience to spend 3 days with teachers. Teachers are very smart and disciplined. School is very neat and systematic. Discipline is good and even non-teaching staff are also very knowledgeable. School results also good. It’s a great experience and I too learned few good things from this school.

Dr. MOSES MICHAEL FARADAY, Formerly Head of the Dept. of Tamil, Madras Christian College, Tambaram, Chennai-59, Tamil Nadu - visited on 03.06.2017:

A wonderful and memorable experience and fellowship me and my colleague Prof. Dr. Yagna Sekhar had these 3 days in J. Sikile School, as we came for the first time here to conduct this workshop. Whatever sessions we have conducted were received well by the Teachers who were willing to learn new things. This was testified by the teachers and the Principal at the end of the workshop. The school atmosphere and the systems followed here are very good and impressive. This is certainly a model institution for all other institutions we could see. Well done! Keep it up!

Our sincere prayers will continue for this institution.

Ms. SHRADDHA SINGH, Resource Person, Hyderabad - visited on 08.06.2017:

It’s a good learning experience with teachers of J. Sikile School. As this is my second visit to the school, implementation of CCE has been observed and to take them to next level. Management has suggested integrated curriculum planning (ICP) and change in CBSE Assessment. Teachers are preparing ICP lesson plan based on 5 E’s.

Dr. RAMA KRISHNA ADURY, D.T.T. (Cambridge) M.Sc.,Ph.D., Resource Person, Leading Publishing Houses in India, Adviser, International School offering CIE & IB qualifications, Teacher-Trainer for Schools in India and elsewhere - visited on 09.06.2017:

I must say that visiting the school is an enriching experience. Teachers are keen to learn the new methodology and eager to put to practice. They are interactive and I appreciate their inquisitiveness to learn.

Mr. H. RUSHI KESH DORA, C/o. 26-49/6, Appavi Residency, Chaitanya Nagar, Old Gajuwaka, Visakhapatnam - visited on 15.06.2017:

As per my analysis and observation Computer Lab is well maintained and teachers are using our special tools ICL, CYL, Quiz cards properly. When I interacted with the teachers during the workshop session they strongly participated and initiated.

My suggestion, please fix a Projector in Computer Lab, then the faculties can teach and explain the concepts lively. MR. SASANK, Flot No.402, Plot No.67/A, Lotus Enclave, Vengal Rao Nagar, Hyderabad - 500 038 (Alumni, 2015, 6th passout) - visited on 17.03.2017:
The school has its essence

BRO. R. VINOD JOSHUA, #85 White arch Building, Sumathi Nagar, 7th Cross, Robert sont pet, Kolar Gold fields - visited on 18.03.2017:
I am so blessed and happy to come and minister in this school. I personally felt God’s presence here. If I would get chance again I love to visit here. God bless J. Sikile School.

BRO. W. SAMSON DAS, Bajrang Nagar, Khatuwala Stike, Near Dhakaniya Talab, Railway Station Post Box, T.K. Nagar - visited on 18.03.2017:
I am so much happy to ministry at J. Sikile School. It was great blessing for me. I had great time with Children and with the Teachers. May God bless this school more and more.
Keep us in Prayer. Thank you for inviting.

MR. PATTABHI RAM - visited on 06.01.2017:
Happy to be back to school for the reunion

MR. CHANDRA SEKHAR - visited on 06.01.2017:
Happy to go into school without my shoes and uniform.

SIKILE ALUMNI, BATCH 1991-92 - visited on 07.01.2017:
- Happy to visit school after 25 years. Had some memorable moments.
- An honour to have been here and return after 25 years !

DR. P. SRI LASYA, O. KHAGESWARA RAO, CH. NAVEEN VARMA, Alumni 2007-08 batch - visited on 17.01.2017:
Happy to visit school after 9 years. Lots of memories recollected.

SIRIGINEEDI SRINIVAS, CALIFORNIA,USA, Alumni 1996-97 batch - visited on 30.01.2017: Great moments to cherish at this place.

Been twenty years since we went away from this school, but we cherish the moments and friendships we have made every day.

HON. MR. B. MADHAVA NAIDU, M.L.A., Narsapur - visited on 18.02.2017:
Felt very proud to come as a Chief Guest to the School in which I have studied. Kindergarten Graduation program is very wonderful. I appreciate the teachers, Management and parents by conducting the great occasion.

 MRS. B. ELIZABETH DAVID, Headmistress, Ashram Public School, Kakinada - visited on 18.02.2017:
“Real Achievers are just ordinary people but with extraordinary determination”. That is what been proved by all Kindergarten teachers. It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of this Graduation Ceremony. It is really a wonderful school with excellent staff and marvelous kids. It was really a great memorable event of the year 2017.
All the Best for everything in future.

MRS. UMA TRIPATHY & MR. PRADEEP TRIPATHY, Coimbatore - visited on 02.12.2016:
Most memorable day in my life visiting the premises after 16 yrs.
Happy to see Umagrace madam.
Wishes for further prosperity.

REV. B. VINAYA KUMAR, Bharat Bible College, V.11, Dabalpur (Madchal), Rangareddy- visited on 19.12.2016:
The Lord is great towards the Sikile Chapel and School. I enjoyed the fellowship with Sikile Foundation.

 DR. D. BABY MOSES, IIT, Roorkee - visited on 22.12.2016:
It was a great experience to have worked in Sikile and I have learnt a lot of things related to make my personality as a person what I am today. I wish the Institution will grow more and more in future. Wish you a successful future.

 MR. CH. BHARAT, NIT Rourkela - visited on 27.12.2016:
Never felt so Nostalgic before. Really happy to come back and have a glimpse of the place I’ve spent my entire childhood in.

MR. RAHUL SINGH, Makeintern (IIT Delhi), New Delhi - visited on 14.11.2016:
Awesome environment in School student can learn and shape their career as faculty and other staff are working hard for their career growth.

MR. D. B. RAJU, Vizag Defence Academy, 104 Area, Visakhapatnam-7, Opp: Naval Quarters:
We visited J. Sikile School at Narasapuram to give information of our Institute to the children.
This school Principal and other staff have given very good cooperation. I am very happy of staff Hospitality. School is good & disciplined in Narsapur.

Most respected madam Ms. Umagrace Sikile,
This is to thank you for allowing my wife, Satya vani and myself, along with my nephew,Mr. Surendra Choppala, to visit you for few minutes, during our recent trip to India.More....

MS. V. PADMAVATHI, Retd. H.M., 7/1/55/2, Lecturers Colony, Narsapur – Visited on 09.08.2016:
I came to this school as a Judge for Fancy Dress Competitions. Students performed well. The Team work of Principal and staff is good. Everything was arranged in Apple-Pie- Order. Congratulations to staff and students.

MS. P. RAJA KUMARI STEVEN, Gandhinagar-1, Narsapur – visited on 09.08.2016:
I am very happy to visit your school. The tone of the school should be raise and standards are nice. We are always praying for the welfare of the school. Thanking you all !

MS. S. ARUNALATHA, SA (PS), Govt. Girls’ High School – visited on 11.08.16
I came to this school as a Judge for Fancy Dress Competition. I am very happy to visit this school. Student performance is very good. Hospitality and everything arranged very well.
With best wishes………

MS. A. RATNA KUMARI, S.A (Maths), Govt. Girls’ High School, Narsapur – visited on 11.08.16:
I am very happy to visit the school about Fancy Dress competition. I am thankful to staff and Principal madam.
Best compliments from……

MS. MICKIE O’ DONNELL, 1465 Washington Slvo # 329, Stanford, CT 06902 USA – visited on 13.08.16:
I am so humbled to have the honor to be here and see this wonderful school. God has blessed you greatly. I wish I could learn from you as well. Please remember me kindly and I pray my words of wonder were helpful to both teachers and students. I will pray for you often – Thank you!

MS. SHRADDHA SINGH – Visited on 08.06.2016:
I am Ms. Shraddha Singh a resource person for OUP. Session was on Text book, Teaching methodology, Integrated project and Co-scholastic aspects. Teachers were doing warm up / motivation for the topic. Now they are well versed with activity to be conducted in groups to explain the concept, advantages of group activity and how to integrated all the subject with one topic. Over all experience was good.

I wish teachers and management all the very best.

REV. NOEL PRABHURAJ, National Director, VBS Ministries – Visited on 11.06.2016:
Enjoyed my time here with the teachers and the Sikile family. The hospitality was excellent and responses very encouraging. I wish the best for this school, and desire for God’s favour in all over here.

MS. T.V. SATYAVATHI, Headmistress, Mpl. English Medium School, 13 Ward, Narsapur – Visited on 14.07.2016:
I really enjoyed my time by watching the little, cute girls and boys who participated in Fancy Dress Competition in Kindergarten sections. All children are dressed well. The program was conducted by the school successfully. I wish all the best to school management and staff. My blessings to all the children who are studying in this school.

MS. R. PUSHPANJALI, M.A.,B.Ed., Retired Mpl. High school HM, Narsapur – Visited on 14.07.2016 & 15.07.2016:
I enjoyed in watching the little Girls and Boys in your institution. They present their performance very cute. Teachers are doing their job very well.
First of all school teachers are very active and encourage students to participate in Fancy Dress. The little students boys and girls participated very interestingly.

MR. D. SOMA SEKHARA SARMA, Principal, Dr. K.L.P. Public School, Guntur-522006 - Resource person for CBSE Capacity Building Training Program for Teachers on 16 th and 17 th July, 2016:
The School Management and teachers of this institution have been working for a Noble cause. I hope Mission statement of J. Sikile School “Education in Pursuit of Excellence” is truly fulfilled here. I am very happy to be the part of Capacity Building Training Programme for teachers as a Resource Person.
Thank you all with best wishes.

DR. K. RAMA DEVI, Principal, Saranya Concept School, G. Vemavaram, Kakinada – Resource person for CBSE Capacity Building Training Program for Teachers on 16 th and 17 th July, 2016:
A very beautiful and serene atmosphere. Staff and the Management are very cordial and the school has well managed system. Finally this is really a place for learning. Well coordinated system. Students are really fortunate to study in this school.

MR. P. RAJAN (93-94), B-72, Dayal Nagar, V.S.P.-43 – Visited on 13.02.2016
I am blessed to spend my childhood in this school and it helped me a lot to grow in my life. I am thankful to all the teachers and the staff who made me to be successful. MR. B. SWARNA SRINIVAS NAIK, Motor vehicle Inspector, Palakol – visited on 16.10.2015:

Pastor I. RAVI, VBS Ministries, Bangalore – 29.03.2016:
J. Sikile School is very good. I learned a lot from this school. This Institution has the burden of small kids, because of this institution more children came to know Jesus Christ. I liked it. Your care was excellent towards to us. Really thanks to you. .

It was great experience to interact with you people and sharing with all, feeling very very happy. .

MR. RAJAN GEORGE, VBS Ministries, Bangalore – 29.03.2016:
It was my pleasure to be here for couple of Days, I praise God for this, I guess the Founder would have had a clear vision, because of that, this school is keeping on growing towards success, and the way the Management is handling a huge crowd is really amazing, I have learnt so many things, and I praise our God for the things which I have learnt from the School.

MR. K. SRIDEVI PAVAN KUMAR (2002 BATCH), S/o. Ms. Sasikala, Hindi Teacher, San Francisco, California, US. – visited on 06.05.2016:
It was a pleasure coming back to the school after a long time. Recollecting all the Nostalgic memories. J. Sikile School has given me the Wisdom and skills to sustain in the world. This is the best place to learn. The School moral values is what made me successful today.
Long live J. Sikile.

MR. G. DHANUSH VENKATA VARAHALA REDDY – Visited on 12.05.2016:
I am G. Dhanush Venkata Varahala Reddy. I have studied in the Reputed Institution from 5 th class. I have done my SSC in the year 2013. I have learnt discipline which is the basement for my life and career. I have collected several memories, sentiments and a good relationship with family and friends and a good rapoo with my fellowship members and society. This school taught me how to mould myself for a better future of my career with good standards.
I hope this school would shine several great minds for the future world.

Smt. D. KANAKA VIJAYALAKSHMI, ‘Natarani’ Kuchipudi Dance School, Damerla vari Street, Royapeta, Narsapur:

Smt. D. R. KARUNA KUMARI, W/o. Dr. D. Subhakar Rao, Near J. Sikile School, Royapet, Narsapur – visited on 05.11.2015:
J. Sikile School conducted Baby Fancy Dress Competition on 4th, 5th November,15. It was attractive and very nice. This will increase indirectly competitive spirit in children. Children are appeared like angels.
Thank you so much.

REV. DR. A.B. JOSEPH KISHORE MASILAMANI, New Life Associates Ministry, Hyderabad – Visited on 03.11.2015:
Excellent gesture by J. Sikile school for raising 7 Lakhs for treatment of Kezia. May Jesus continue to have you for your Glory!

Mr. ADIDELA NOAH, Grandfather of Kezia – visited on 03.11.2015:
Very very satisfied..

Mr. N. STEPHEN, Grandfather of Kezia – visted on 03.11.2015:
Thank you so much for your help.

B.V RAO - Visited on 03.12.2015

MS. VASAVI (Alumni of the School), 3973 Sandhill Cr, Regina, Canada – visited on 12.12.2015:
Thank you for inviting me to talk to the 9th through 12th grades. I am extremely humbled by the reception. It has been with absolute joy that I was able to share some of my ideas and experiences. I hope this inspires a few of the kids.

REV. DR. PREMJIT KUMAR, Mission India Campus, Warangal – visited on 19.12.2015:
I was blessed by Chapel Christmas Carol Service. Unique and never to be forgotten experience because I was moulded and influenced by Chapel in my School days. Program was wonderfully orchestrated. I was blessed to Preach. It was an exclusive privilege. Thanks to Lord. Thanks to the Management.

Blessings and prayers.

MR. MANOJ KUMAR CHOPRA, Bangalore, World’s & Asia’s Strongest Man – visited on 18.01.2016:
What a wonderful school, had a great time. Lovely children with lots of discipline and knowledge. Keep it up. God Bless..

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