Visitors' Remarks

MARY, ENOCH DANIEL (13), EUNICE (11), JOEL (3), 86-13543344977 – visited on 18.08.2015:
May God bless J. Sikile School, we love and all our sweet memories are here. My Mom Mrs. Susamma Sambabu is always praying for you all.

Ms. ANUPAMA SAMUEL – Visited on 08.09.2015:
Thank God for the privilege and thank the school for the opportunity. I enjoyed every minute of the Fancy Dress Show. May God bless the school. Much love.

Ms. DR. K. SHANTI VIJAY – Visited on 08.09.2015:
It’s being a privilege to join here in a Fancy Dress Competition Program. Wish to continue to encourage children in such co-curricular activities which enlightens and improves their presentation skills.

Mr. RAHUL JAIN, Motivational Speaker & Trainer – visited on 12.09.2015:
It was a great experience coming back to school and interacting with students of our school. The memories were refreshed and felt Nostalgic. May the school continue the great work it has done for years.

Mr. SUNSHINE NALLI, Psychologist – visited on 04.06.2015:
It is immense pleasure to visit the school and I am very happy to say that the hospitality is excellent.

Mr. D. KUMAR, Principal, J. Beera College of Education, Seetharampuram:
It's a great experience to me as an invitee to deliver Lecture on Role and Expectations of a Teacher in the 21st Century.

Ms. TAHSEEN SAKINA, Senior Education Specialist, Learning Links Foundation, Hyderabad - visted on 05.06.2015:
It's a great pleasure to be at J. Sikile School once more. The Teachers participation is appreciable.
The learning environment in the school reflects the efforts by the Management and the staff in building the 21st Century skills in the students. We wish the school – All the Best in shaping the future personalities.

Mr. JESIN ISRAEL, East Central India of SDA, 2, Chapel Road, Hyderabad - visited on 09.06.2015:
Thank you for this opportunity to be part of the Teachers Retreat on June 9, 2015. Excellent arrangements, wonderful team of teachers and able leadership I have seen here.
May God bless you and prosper you !

Mrs. HELEN EMMANUEL, Saudi Arabia - visited on 13.07.2015:
Excellent school. We were extremely happy to be in your school to see the infrastructure. The best thing which fascinated us is the Chapel. When the Lord is honoured all other things will be added. It reminded us of Mathew-6:33 "Seek the Kingdom of God", which the school management follows. "May God shower His bountiful blessings on this school in the future days to come".
Good hospitality we were able to feel. We do assure our prayers for the students who will appear for their board exams.

Mr. EMMANUEL, Safety Engineer, Saudi Arabia - visited on 13.07.2015:
I feel, the word of God which is disseminated all around the premises and the spacious Chapel are the source of power for the success of students and the management of the Institution.
May God bless the school abundantly forever and ever.

Dr. PREMJIT KUMAR, Director: Mission India, Mission India Campus, Punnel – 506 310, Warangal, Telangana:
It was exclusive privilege. I was inspired by the Leadership of the school, the visionaries behind.
I sensed out great discipline and values from the students, staff and the school community.
My prayers and blessings to the management and school community as they shine for God and our country. With Prayers.........

Ms. P. SOWMYA LATHA, SDPO, Narsapur - visited on 27.04.15:

I am happy to be here on this Annual Day program and students are very disciplined. Their communication skills are very good and best wishes with the students and this school for its development.

DR. L. NARASIMHA RAO, M.S. Ortho, Sri Surya Hospital, Narsapur – visited on 27.04.15:

It is a memorable day for me to attend this function. All my childhood memories have floated before my eyes.

Thankful for the management to invite me this function.

DR. P. DEVI KRISHNA, MBBS, – visited on 27.04.15:

It is really a pleasure to be here on this occasion and to be a part of this program.


It was a phenomenal experience to be back at my school. Thoroughly cherished the reception and Environment loved every part of it. Looking forward to the next time soon.

Mr. B. Subrahmanyam:

Good environment for a good school. Good infrastructure, good and supportive staff members to achieve the school vision.
Ms. P. Ratnamala, Chairperson, Narsapur Municipal Council:

Good School. Children will feel happy to study in this school because they have no lots of pressure. Its great to have such a school children who learn concept.

Ms. D. Pushpa Mani, R.D.O., Narsapur:

Well disciplined and very organized institute with high dedication. It’s a great boon to Narsapur in Education field.

Mr. P.V.R. Prabhakar, CA, Palakol – visited on 05.11.2014: It is a nice experience talking to the students here. The students are full enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.

Mr. P.S.N. Murthy, IDAS:

I have visited the school as part of my student motivation mission on 03.12.2014. The reception of the Management and the participation of students is excellent. The School is maintaining very high standards of education and interest in grooming the children who are very bright and promising.

I wish the Management and students, all the best in all their efforts.

Mr. S. Venkateswarlu, Associate Professor in Matehmatics, Swarnandhra College of Engineering and Technology, Seetharampuram, Narsapur-534 275 – visited on 16.12.2014, GANIT celebrations:

It is good experience for me to meet young students of this famous institution and spending time with them and the staff of this institution. It is really an honour for me to be with them on the occasion of Srinivasa Ramanujan’s birthday celebration.

Rev. V. Rajendra Sundar, Parish Pastor, Christ Lutheran Church, Narsapur-534 275 – visited on 19.12.2014:

It is a privilege to be the part of Carol Christmas of your School. It is very good experience. God bless this school abundantly for the glory of God.

Mr. G. Ramesh Darshan, 54-18-60/A, LIC Colony, Vijayawada-520 008 – visited on 19.12.2014:

The programme was wonderful. Hospitality and the reception of the staff was quite pleasing. The way the entire programme was conducted was the reflection of standard and the quality that you maintain Absolutely superb !
God bless you all and I hope that He will continue to get the glory and honour for Himself.
Thanks once again for giving me the opportunity to be part of your Carol Service.

Mr. Utkarsh Kapoor, M/s. H.R. Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad, Maharashtra – Conducted Carer Counseling Workshop for Std.X on 28.07.2014::
The kind of atmosphere and the treatment given by the Schol is fabulous. Being a person from CBSE Iwon’t forget hese things and time ever. Kep it up! Excellent.

• Heemal H Bhat - visited on 04.06.2014
I am deeply touched by your hospitality and genuine warmth. It was endearing to know that you have reached out to the society and If I could contribute by doing this workshop, I am humbled by being here. I had a very interactive and enriching session with all the teachers. Thank you and may God bless you in all your endeavours.
God Bless.

• Avneet Kaur, C-11 Vijay Nagar, Delhi-110009 – visited on 10.06.14:
Thank you for a beautiful experience with one of the most important pillars of your school. It was promising to see their dedication and sincerity to reach out to children.
They definitely are the greatest strength of the school. It would be a pleasure to be of support in future. We also need to help the pillars also take care of themselves.
Would like to wish you luck and great wishes to spread the message of Lord and continue to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

• Mr. B. Madhava Naidu, M.L.A, Narsapur – visited on 10.07.2014:
I am very much proud to be the Chief Guest to my School. I am very happy to participate at my old premises. I thank Honourable Percy Paul Sir and Umagrace Madam for giving me this opportunity.

• Carolyn sakoulas, 1 Woodvale place, Castle Hill, NSW 2154, Australia working in Pacific Hills Christian School - visited on 12.01.2009:
Very much enjoyed visiting your lovely school. It’s impressive to see the well-behaved students and the resources such as the Computer Lab and Science facilities. God bless you all in your service for Him.

• Mr. Vijay Garg, M/s. BMS Certification Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi - visited on 15.09.2009:
I enjoyed your school very much. It is very nice school in such a rural area. I really appreciate your efforts for the welfare of the rural students. God bless you to get all success in your life. Hope the school will grow year by year. Thanks.

• Mr. Kamal Kiran Bollempalli, 3231 W Main St. APT 207, Sun Prairie, WI-53590 Working: Capitol Insurance companies, Madison, WI – visited on 28.01.2010:
I enjoyed visiting our School very much. This school was very much vital in my development. I really appreciate all the efforts this school, faculty has put in me to really make me what we are today. This school is an excellent school for High School Education.

• David & Kollen Packham, Neale Packham (Son), Bethshemesh, Petit Axle Vale Guernsey, C.I., UK – visited on 01.02.2010:
We have enjoyed and experienced a wonderful visit to your school which has left us with a lasting impression of love, care and sound ethics in an excellent Christian Environment. Thank you for giving us time in sharing with you.

• Mr. S.N.S.S. Ramakrishna, Main Road, Mogaltur-534 281, A.P., India – visited on 19.02.2010:
Very happy to see most beautiful and memorable moments of life. Great to feel the happiness of past moments. Thanks a lot to J. SIKILE……

• Mr. J. PRITHVI, S/O. J.V.R.K. RAJU, VENKATESWARA COLONY, PALAKOL – visited on 04.06.2010:
The place where we started learning “A, B, C” to our careers.

• Mr. M.S. Vamsi Ram, S/o. Dr. M. Subba Rao, Principal Scientist, Agricultural Research Station, Utulur, Cuddapah, Cuddapah Dt., A.P. – visited on 04.06.2010: We always cherish the moments in J. Sikile School. One of the best & rather the best school a student can ever get.

• Mr. G. Sai Raghu Nandan, D/No.21-12-94/2, Ramalayam St., Madhuranagar, Vijayawada-520 011 – visited on 04.06.2010:
Wherever I am, whatever I am, I will never forget the step, from which I grew. The early steps of my education laid by this beloved school, paved a great way in my life, ethically, academically, which I cherish forever.

• Mr. B. Vikram Varma, S/o. Prasad Varma, Swarnamukhi Apartment, Narsapur – visited on 07.07.2010:
I am very glad to meet all of my teachers.

• Mr. Roger Vijaya- Raju Yerramsetti, 42, Packer Street, Beckenham, WA 6107 Australia – visited on 26.08.2010:
Very modern school, even by Australia standards. This school in regional India is doing much better than school in the capital schools of Australia:
1) 6 pillars of Character – It is fantastic to see this focus on the “soft skills” instead of just theory. Social learning is so important.
2) Smart Class – Interactive learning, drawing on the diverse wealth of information out there, and packaging up in a way that gets students excited.
3) “Into Light” – Reminders of God’s love on walls everywhere.
Overall continuing a high standard of education that will make a difference in the student and family life.
I want to send my son here. Open an Australian branch please!

• Mr. Isaiah Meripo, Peravali, W.G. Dt. – visited on 14.10.2010:
We are proud to say we are Alumni of J. Sikile, N.S.P.

• Mr. Fasepisine Higgs, U.K. – visited on 28.10.2010:
Thank you so much for the opportunity to see such a wonderful school where modern facilities are combined with unchanged Truth.

• Julie Jain – visited on 28.10.2010:
I am very thankful to J. Sikile Department for giving me this opportunity.

• Mr. S. Venkata Subbaiah, R.D.O., Narsapur – visited on 30.10.2010:
Science and and Arts Fair – 2010 is really useful to the students. It’s useful for future building. Best wishes………..

• Mr. M. David Sudheer Kumar, M.Tech.,M.I.E., Professor & Correspondent, Narsapur Institute of Technology, Narsapur-534 275 – visited on 30.10.2010:
Arts & Science Fair 2010 of J. Sikile School is very interesting. I really appreciate the organizers and management for their vision of improving and electing the inherit skills of students. I wish all the students and staff a very best of luck in their future.

• Ms. P. Raja Kumari, B.Sc., M.A.,M.Ed., Gandhinagar-1, Narsapur:
I feel it is a great privilege to visit such a reputed school in A.P. I appreciate the Management, Teachers and students. I pray for the future of this school in my daily prayers. Thank you very much for giving this opportunity.

• Mr. Katikireddi Lakshmi Narayana Rao, H.O.D. Physics, Sri Y.N. College, Narsapur – visited on 30.10.2010:
Really I felt very happy to be as a judge for Arts & Science Exhibition conducted in this school. Really students were trained very well by the teachers and imparted the theory behind the experiment. The Management supported this institution by encouraging the staff and students, also involving the parents.

• Mr. S. Varaprasad Babu, B.Tech., MIS (Australia), Associate Professor (ECE), Narsapur Institute of Technology, Narsapur – visited on 30.10.2010:
It’s a wonderful work done by all the students. Excellent - great job done by all the teachers. I think J. Sikile School is a “LEGEND”.

• Mr. K.V.S. Ramakrishna, M.A.,M.Li.Sc.,B.Ed., Associate Professor (Library), Narsapur Institute of Technology, Narsapur – visited on 30.10.2010:
Its wonderful work by all staff and students.

• Mr. J. Prakasha Rao, School Managing Committee Member, Narsapur – visited on 30.10.2010:
I feel it very proud to be the judge of the Science Exhibition today and it is very good as per the abilities of the students.

• Mr. B. Samson Raju, School Managing Committee Member, Narsapur – visited on 30.10.2010:
I have the pleasure to be the Judge in the Arts and Science Fair-2010. The exhibits are made with creativity and thought provoking. The Management, the staff and the pupils are really appreciable.

• Mr. M. J. Sikile, Founder, J. Sikile Foundation – visited on 30.10.2010:
My visit to J. Sikile Arts & Science Fair 2010 held on 30.10.2010 is an interesting experience. I sincerely appreciate the enthusiastic presentation of various exhibits (161) well explained by the students, and the active participation of parents and teachers is obvious. I wish the Administration will consider planning such events on a regular basis each year to encourage the talent and skills of students.

• Mr. Vamsidhar Gubbala, S/o. G. Sasidhar, 14-8-17, Ganga Buildings, Royapet, Narsapur-534 275 – visited on 13.01.2011:
Thanks to J. Sikile School

• Mr. K.S.M. Vijay Narayan, D.No.11-1-33, Sai Sadan, Darga Road, Narsapur – visited on 13.01.2011:
I thank my parents for making J. Sikile School a part of my life.

• Mr. M. Ramesh, H.No.10-6-2, Mulakala Bhadrayya vari Street, Royapeta, Narsapur – visited on 13.01.2011:
I enjoyed my schooling a lotttt… Thanks to J. Sikile.

• Ms. D. Lakshmi Prasanthi, AG-32-8A, Santhi Colony, Anna Nagar, Chennai – visited on 16.01.2011:
I am proud to be alumni of the school & grateful to all my teachers & the Management who taught me the skill & art of living in this advanced world.
Mr. P. Sandeep, 7-5-14, Opp. Y.N. College, Narsapur – visited on 13.01.2011:
Happy to be associated with the school again and looking forward for more happy moments.

• Ms. C. Kashyapi, 6-8-4A, 1st floor, Park Street, Narsapur – visited on 13.01.2011:
I Love my school, proud to be a Sikile Product.

• Mr. P. Subba Rao – visited on 13.02.2011:
My School has stuffed me with all the communication skills which design my life in a superb way to go with.

• Mr. B. Sarveswara Lingam, HOD Botany, KGRL College (A), Bhimavaram – visited on 18.03.2011:
I am very happy to associate with this well disciplined school. The amenities to the students are upto the mark.


• Mr. Phani Adabala, 9252, Marlebury End, Powell OH 43065, 614-336-1181 – visited on 06.04.2011:
I am grateful for my time at Sikile School. It has given me a great foundation for life and best friendships to cherish. I wish the very best for the schools success.

• Mr. Kollu Pratap, D.No.7-13-59, Nandamuri Colony, Narsapur, – visited on 09.04.2011:
I feel happy to be here and interact with the kids. Thank you for the inspiration.

• Ms. Kollu V. Ramani – visited on 09.04.2004:
Good school of father. I will join my children.

• Ms. Sangita Kanjilal, International Teacher Trainer – visited on 03.06.2011:
It was a delightful experience. I feel happy to have had the opportunity to train the very very motivated teachers of this institution.

• Mr. Venkat Narayan Vedantam (Rahul), Chartered Accountant, # 46-23-7, Near Sri Ramdas Co-op. Training Institute, Rajahmundry-533 103 – visited on 28.07.2011:
I conducted a training program for 9th & 10th class students. It would help them explore themselves. I had a wonderful experience with them. Students are highly energetic. My pleasure being here, Me being a 1994-96 MEC student of J. Sikile Jr. College.

• Ms. Kelly Florea V. from Australia – visited on 18.10.2011:
It has been such an honour to be welcomed into your school! I think you are all doing an excellent job with the children. May be one day I will move to India and teach here. I’ve here a lot of fun!

• Ms. P.M. Satyaveni, Municipall Commissioner, Narsapur Municipality, Narsapur – visited on 28.10.2011:
Arts and Science Fari-2011, 28.10.2011 & 29.10.2011 conducted by J. Sikile School is wonderful. The items exhibited in the Exhibition is innovative, inspirable and thought provoking. Congratulations to the Management, Principals and Teachers of the school.

• Ms. T.L.S. Manohari, Lecturer in Botany, B.G.B.S. Women’s College, Narsapur – visited on 28.10.2011:
Conducted Science Fair is good and enjoying. You should check the children’s pronunciation and fluency in language.

• Dr. L. Shanti, Ratna Homoeo Clinic, Mission High School Road, Narsapur – visited on 28.10.2011:
Being invited for Science Fair for this Historic school is a great honour to me in person. I would like to appreciate the management the way they are encouraging students in bringing out their talents. Amazing works presented by genius students of J. S. Foundation. Congratulations.

• Mr. B. Samson Raju, School Managing Committee Member, Narsapur – visited on 28.10.2011:
Science and Arts Exhibition conducted by J. Sikile School is wonderful. The items exhibited in the Exhibition is innovative, inspirable and thought provoking. Congratulations to the Management, Principal and Teachers of the School.

• Mr. K. Durga Prasad, D.No.8-6-15, Kummari Peta, Narsapur, West Godavari – visited on 28.10.2011:
The Science Fair conducted by J. Sikile School is very nice and wonderful. There are so many items exhibited by students and they are also well explained.

• Ms. P. Raja Kumari, B.Sc., M.A., M.Ed., Retd. School Asst., Mission High School, Narsapur – visted on 28.10.2011:
The Science and Arts Fair is very interesting. Students’ talents can bring out through Science. They can improve their individual thinking and Scientific attitudes. The school is helping the students to know the scientific facts individually.

• Mr. M. Hari Prasad, M.A.,M.Phil., Lecturer in History, BGBS Women’s College, Narsapur – visited on 28.10.2011:
The Science and Arts Fair is very interesting and creative. The students participated very well and prepared Arts & Science items in a very creating manner. I congratulate students and parents.

• Acharya Premanandam Rayi, Professor & Principal, Govt. Degree College for Woemn, Palakol, W.G.Dt. – visited on 29.10.2011:
This Arts & Science Exhibition brings out hidden and creative talents of the students for making future Scientists, Doctors and Engineers of the nation. Some of the explanation by the students are outstanding and astonishing. The school is contributing a lot to encourage students’ talents.

• Mr. M.J. Sikile, Founder, J. Sikile Foundation – visited on 29.10.2011:
I am glad to have been able to visit the Arts & Science Fair 2011 and the exhibits are extraordinary and superb. As it have been open two days on 28/29 Oct. a lot of visitors found it convenient. God bless the talent and skill of these students, help and assistance from parents.

• Ms. Suneeta Pathak, 70-B Sector-1, Ukkunagaram, Vizag, Educomp Solutions Ltd. – visited on 13.12.2011:
Thanks being a client to us. We would like to bring new modules for the students and the teachers. Excellent atmosphere keep it up!

• Rev. John Paul Reddy Pogn., Pastor, Zion Church, Flat No.308, APEX Apts., A.C. Guards, Hyderabad – visited on 04.01.2012:
An exemplary institution and a blessed institution. God’s abundant grace is on this institution.

• Mr. John Vasa, CPA, CA, 12804 Gloria’ CT, Chester, VA, USA 23831 – visited on 17.02.2012:
An excellent and very well run establishment, the dedication of all is apparent all over.

• Ms. N. Sushma, Mary Nivas, Royapeta, Narsapur – visited on 23.02.2012:
Satisfied in Teaching.

• Ms. D. Sri Devi, Near Town Police Station, Narsapur – visited on 23.02.2012:
Excellent atmosphere. Keep it up!!

• Mr. G. Rangababu, Head of the Department of P.G. Mathematics, Sri Y.N. College, Narsapur – visited on 23.02.2012:
School is good. Keep it up!!

• Mr. E.G. Samuel Raju, M.A. Litt. Eng., B.Ed., Pastor, Narsapur:
Maintains good discipline, Thank you.

• Rev. G. Lazarus, Visakhapatnam:
Proud of God’s children serving the Lord as God’s servants. John 3:29,30

• Ms. G. Neeraja, 3-7-5, Kovela Street, Kesava Rama Nilayam, 1st Floor, Narsapur:
It is very good to conduct various competitions to encourage children.

• Ms. B. Girija:
It was very good to conduct such a show and the children were very good.

• Ms. P.L. Saroja, Chief Manager, ICICI Bank Ltd., Madhapur, Hyderabad – visited on 26.01.2013:
I spent 13 years in this great school. I can proudly say that I studied in one of the best schools. “I cherish every moment I spent here and I owe everything I am today to this school and faculty. I am sure there are many more like me doing great in their respective fields and many more will come in future. All the best!!

• Mr. N.V. Raghavendra, Regional Head, L & T Mutual Fund, Hyderabad – visited on 26.01.2013:
All that I know about the school is through my wife P.L. Saroja and I cannot stop admiring the school for laying the basic foundations so strong and creating a strong new generation.

• Dr. T. Samson, Assoc. Professor, EFL University, Hyderabad – visited on 25.03.2013:
I was invited to conduct a one-day workshop on ELT. I am quite impressed by the school, it’s ambience, it’s efficient administration and knowledgeable teachers. I do hope you will continue to render your invaluable service to the local community.

• Mr. P. Cornelius Vijay Kumar, Commissioner, Narsapur Municipality, W.G.Dt.:
Since the Management has given first place to the God, this school has blessed mightily and I wish that so many students shall prosper both physically and spiritually in the future. May God bless you! Thank everybody.

• Mr. M. Ebenezer Kumar, Business Developer of Techno School, Vizag:
It is one of the best schools in this part of West Godavari which was blessed by God. The atmosphere is very good for students to lead a disciplined life even after they go out of the school. I wish that the blessing of heavenly father be much more abundant and all the children as well as the staff and the Management be blessed and grow in God’s fear.
May the Father and our Jesus bless this school in the upcoming years.

• Mr. N. Chandramouli, Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Eluru:
Overwhelmed to have such a warmth evening with a highly erudite, Senior august gathering. Very happy to be part of J.SIKILE family. I wish that the institution which has been growing with sheer perseverance and dedicated services of the Management, staff and parents to flourish further in leaps and bounds.
Please convey my heartfelt thanks to the Managing Committee, staff and the true torch bearers – Students.

• Ms. Tahseen Sakina, Academics Co-ordinator, Learning Links Foundation of India, S.D. Road, Secunderabad, A.P. – visited on 17.11.2013:
Good learning environment. The best school in A.P. I have ever visited. A place where I can also learn a lot.

• Mr. Julian Freeman, Toronto, Canada – visited on 18.12.2013:
Thank you so much for having us! We are blessed by your gracious hospitality and very encouraged by all your work for Jesus at the school. May the Lord continue to bless this work with much success for His glory!

• Mr. Joshua Rivers, Rockwood, Canada – visited on 18.12.2013:
What a wonderful facility. It was a pleasure to see the great work you are doing and meet the great people that make up this wonderful community.

• Mr. S. Chandra Sekaran, Principal, KCP Siddhardha School – visited on 04.02.2014:
Inspired by your meticulous planning and relentless execution. Very impressed by the dedication of teachers and discipline of the students. Thanks.

• Mr. S. Pradeep Raj, #126, 6th Cross ITC, Colony Cox Town, Jeevanahalli, Bangalore-560 005 – visited on 28.03.2014:
Jesus class hospitality. Would love to come back. Praise God for the Director and the team. May God richly bless Sikile School and every staff and Management.

• Mr. Prakash John, 10/8, ITC colony rain Road, Jeevanahalli, Bangalore-560 005 – visited on 28.03.2014:
Very well organized through the cooperation of the management, teachers and the Directors. There was Excellence is all that was done. We were taken care of very well. We carry lot of good memories. Praise the Lord

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