School Rules


- Half sleeved light Blue shirt.
- Navy Blue shorts (Jr.Kg. – Std.VII) / Navy Blue pants Std.VIII-X.
- Navy Blue Socks.
- Black Shoes & School Belt same for ‘White’ instead of Blue.
- White Canvas Shoes, White Socks.

Jr.Kg. – Std.VII Tuesday – Friday

Half sleeved light Blue Blouse
Navy Blue Skirt
Light Blue Ribbons
Navy Blue Socks
Black Shoes and School Belt
Std.VIII – X : Tuesday – Friday
- Half sleeved light Blue Kudtha
- Navy Blue Pyjama - Navy Blue Chunni
- Light Blue Ribbons
- Navy Blue Socks
- Black Shoes and School Belt.
    Monday and Special Occasions:
- Half sleeved white Kudtha
- White chunni
- White Ribbons
- White Socks
- White Shoe & School Belt


Pupils must be neat in appearance and wear School uniform during school hours.

Pupils must observe silence and maintain order at all times. Running and shouting in the School Campus is not allowed and when using staircases and corridors pupils must keep to the left.

Pupils are not allowed to loiter outside classrooms or in the Library.

Pupils returning from break, and from Library should come to their class rooms quietly, go to their seats immediately and get ready for the next class.

Pupils must bring light meal/lunch, as may be convenient with serviette which can be taken during the break time in the class room.

Pupils are not allowed to chew gum or consume eatables during class hours .

Pupils must take care of all School property. They must not scribble on walls or carve anything on wood work. Any breakage or damage caused must be reported to the class teacher.

Care should be taken to keep the building clean. Litter should not be left lying about.

The cost of repairs caused by damage to school property will be charged to the pupils/parents concerned.

Pupils are responsible to the School authorities for their conduct both in and outside the School. Misbehavior in public and school transport will be dealt with very strictly.

No collection of money for any purpose may be made in the school without the previous permission of the Principal/Vice Principal. Gifts to staff members are not allowed.

No pupil should bring to the School more money than is absolutely necessary for transport etc.

As regular attendance is an important element for successful work, a prior sanction of leave must be obtained. Leave is granted for absence in unavoidable circumstances only.

In case of sickness or any other unforeseen reasons, when the pupil comes to school on the next day must have the reason of their absence certified by his/her parent or guardian. If the leave taken exceeds for more than a week due to sickness, it must be supported by a proper Medical Certificate.

All students must attend the morning prayer and singing.

Students perpetually misbehaving, disobeying the teachers and authorities, disturbing the smooth running of the class or the school as a whole will be subject to disciplinary action as it may become necessary and at the discretion of the Management, the Principal has every right to expel a student on grounds of indiscipline.



Leave is not permissible except under special circumstance. Applications for leave written by the parent / guardian should be sent to the Principal / Vice - Principal well in advance.

In case of sickness or other unforeseen circumstances the pupil on returning to School must have the reason for absence certified by the parent/ guardian.

As a rule not more than one day will be granted for attending the wedding of a brother or sister or relative.

A pupil who has been absent from the School without leave or who misses the first period in the morning will not be admitted to class without the Principal / Vice - Principal's permission

A pupils' name may be struck off the rolls if absent for 15 consecutive days without previous sanctioned leave.

A pupil may not be promoted due to irregular attendance. No student shall be eligible to attend the Annual Examinations unless he / she has completed 75 % of attendance counted from the beginning of the Academic Year up to the 1st of the month preceeding the examination.



Parents are requested to take note of the following points:

that the children come to School regularly, punctually and dressed properly. School gates close at 8:30 a.m.

Pupils must be in before the gates close.

Students should have proper hair cut.

Students should bring to School the text books and note books.

as per the time - table which should be properly maintained.

that they should monitor their children during their study hour at home regularly

Parents can meet the Principal,Vice-Principals and teachers on any working day between 3:30 P.M. to 5: 00 P.M.

Parents are also requested :

To see the remarks written in the School Diary by the teachers.

To write down their own remarks in the School Diary for the information of the teachers.

To check through the books, note books and answer papers of their children, after every test / Examination as the answer scripts are returned to the pupils.

To mention the Name, Standard and Section of the pupil in all correspondence, addressed to the School.

Not to visit or interview teachers during class hours without the permission of the principal / Vice Principal.

To discuss all school matters in the School premises only and not in the homes of staff members.

Not to allow their children to bring to the School any article not required for the actual use in the School. The School will not be responsible for their loss.

The School does not assume any responsibility of the student once he/she leaves the school premises after school hours.

Parents are strictly advised to plan for any functions or programs outside the scheduled / Declared dates of the exams and not to ask for leave from examination.


SCHOOL TIMINGS: Monday to Saturday
      Jr.Kg. – Std.X : 08:30 A.M. to 03:30 P.M. 

OFFICE TIMINGS: Monday to Saturday
      8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

09:00 A.M. to 03:30 P.M.

         09:00 A.M. to 04:00 P.M.

Term 1 : April to September
Term 2 : October to March


Children leaving should be taken out at the end of the School year if possible, or at the end of the term.

A written notice of withdrawal should be given one calendar month in advance, or else the fees for the following month will be charged. Such notice should be given by the parent/Guardian and not by the pupil himself/herself.

Those who leave in April, must pay their fees for May. Transfer Certificate will not be issued until all the fees and other dues are paid.

To obtain Transfer Certificate, parents must submit a written application at least 10 days in advance.

The required fee must be paid for the issue of Transfer Certificate.

Students who withdraw in the middle of the Academic Year should pay the special fee for the full Academic Year.

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