School Laboratory

The Labs are designed to give students that extra edge, helping them to Discover their creative talents and fulfill their dreams of becoming masters.

Mathematics Lab :    

Students from std 111-X, learn, understand, intermalize and explore Mathematical concepts through various activities in the Mathematics Lab. It encourages the students to think, provides an opportunity to verify or discover several geometrical properties and facts using models, charts, graphs, picturers, posters or by paper cutting, folding techniques which builds interest, confidence and assimilate the Mathematical concepts in a more effective manner
Mathematics Lab

Computer Lab :

The school has well equipped computer Lab with 24 computer systems with latest Software and Hardware providing adequate hands on computer time for two (2) students per system every week
Computer Lab
Computer Lab

Recreation Room and Audio Room :

Recreation room is arranged in a spacious hall and is designed to conduct co-curricular activities to create interest and creativity among the students. Computers are arranged in the Recreation room for the Kindergarten students.
Recreation Room

Science Laboratory :

Science is a creative interplay of observations, experimentation and theorectical inferences, Practical sessions in General Science are conducted for primary classes and for Std. VII to X in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Doing experiments promote procedural skills, observation and interpretation of data.
Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab
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