The School has successfully sent students for AISSCE(XII) Examinations for 14 years from 1990 to March,2004 and we are pleased to recommence Class XI w.e.f June,2014 at the request of many parents and well wishers.

1) English Core
2) Choose any ONE of the following Groups:
Group 1 Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Group 2 Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Multimedia & Web Technology.
Group 3 Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Hindi / Telugu.
Group 4 Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science / Informatics Practices, Multimedia & Web Technology.
Group 5 Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy
Group 6 Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Hindi/Telugu

3) General Studies / General Foundation Course (GFC)
4) Work Experience
5) Physical and Health Education

1. Admission is subject to entrance test, interview, age limit, and number of vacancies.

2. At the time of admission the following documents must be submitted:

      a) Birth certificate

      b) Transfer certificate

      c) Study certificate

3. The application form should be accompanied by the latest scholastic record, examination result, extra curricular activities, Marks/Grades/other distinctions obtained if any in the previous years.

4. The school leaving certificate/transfer certificate of the last school attended must be furnished, within ten(10) days of the grant of admission, failing which the admission may be treated as cancelled.  

5. Three (3) Passport size photographs.

In no case a student will be admitted into a higher class other than the class for which he/she holds the scholar's register.

A student who has not completed a regular course of study in Class IX in an institution affiliated to the Board, shall not be admitted to Class X of the School.

NOTE: Application form for admission to the school can be had from the office.
[To download the form, right click on the link and select "save target as"]


Part 1 – Scholastic Areas

The Academic Year is divided into two(2) Terms and each Term will have two(2) Formative Assessments and one(1) Summative Assessment for evaluation.                                 
         Term-I  :  April–September : FA1(10%)+FA2 (10%)+SA1 30% = 50%
         Term-II : October – March  : FA3(10%)+FA4 (10%)+SA2 30% = 50%

The four(4) Formative Assessments each with 10% weightage will be carried through using multiple modes of Assessment such as assignments, quizzes, debates, seminars, group discussions, projects and only one Pen Paper test.   

Two(2) Summative Assessments (SA1 & SA2) with 30% weightage are the written end of Term Examinations. The Date sheet for Pen Paper test for Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments is printed in the Academic Calendar which is issued to students along with the Text books and Note books set for the year 2013-2014.  

The Formative Assessment will be part of School based Assessment and Summative Assessment at the end of each Term will be based on the Question Banks provided by the Board for Std.IX and X.

Class X students will appear for CBSE conducted Summative Assessment-2 based on Term-II syllabus only.

Assessment will be indicated in Grades on a nine point grading scale.

Part 2 – Co-Scholastic Areas:

Part 2 consists of Co-Scholastic Areas where students’ are assessed in four parts on a Five Point Grading Scale.

Part 2(A) :      Life Skills consists of Thinking Skills, Social Skills and Emotional Skills.

Part 2(B) :      Work Education

Part 2(C) :     Visual and Performing Arts

Part 2(D) :      o      Attitudes consists of attitude towards Teachers, Schoolmates, School
Programmes and Environment.

                      o      Value systems.

Part 3 – Co-Curricular Activities:

Part 3 consists of Co-Curricular Activities.  It has two sub parts to be assessed on a five-point grading scale.

Part 3(A) :      1) Literary & Creative Skills:  Debate, Declamation, Creative Writing, Recitation, Poster-Making, Slogan Writing, Theatre etc.

                       2)   Organizational & Leadership Skills (Clubs)
                             a)  Eco Club           
                             b) Health & Wellness Club. 
                             Students can participate in any one(1) club. 

Part 3(B) :      Health & Physical Education:  

  1. Sports / Indigenous Sports.
  1. Yoga  -  Std.IX and X

Std.IV to VIII students  can  participate  in  any one activity: Yoga, Karate, Embroidery, Chess, Cookery during CCA on every Saturday.

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