Facilities : Laboratory

The Labs are designed to give students that extra edge, helping them to Discover their creative talents and fulfill their dreams of becoming masters.

Mathematics Lab :    

A Mathematics Lab is set up in our school in order to involve students in the process of learning and strengthening basic concepts with interest, joyfully and meaningfully.
Mathematics Lab

Computer Lab :

The Computer Centre is well equipped with modern amenities. We have a wide range of packages which stimulates the children's interest in learning more.

We have the facility of subject wise CD's for all the students from Jr.KG to Std X which gives ample information to the students visually. The CD's incorporate question banks to test the IQ of the children.
Computer Lab
Computer Lab

Recreation Room and Audio Room :

Recreation room is arranged in a spacious hall and is designed to conduct co-curricular activities to create interest and creativity among the students. Computers are arranged in the Recreation room for the Kindergarten students.
Recreation Room

Science Laboratory :

Our school Science Laboratories are well equipped and furnished. They provide our students with every opportunity to enble them to do their practical work.
Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab

Academy Chemistry Lab  
Chemistry Lab
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