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BOYS and GIRLS Hostels have Dormitories and Rooms provided with all amenities. Each dormitory accommodates 25 to 30 students with independent furniture and common wash rooms. The junior students are entirely under the supervision of the Warden and the full time Attendents will take care of their needs.

Admission to Hostel is open to all students of the SCHOOL. The Application Form should be filled in and submitted in the Office before the Academic Year begins.

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Girls Hostel Building

A well balanced and nutritious diet both vegetarian and non vegetarian is served under hygienic conditions. It is forbidden to bring any food into the hostel from outside and special items not included in the menu will be provided to the hostelers on medical advice or at the request of the parents. The catering department is managed by a trained Supervisor assisted by other staffs.

Hostelers having food

Study Hour
Most of the staff are resident, and participate in all activities of the Campus. A group of 5 to 10 students of a class are under the care of teacher / lecturer during study hour. The progress reports of mid - term tests, quarterly and half-yearly examinations are sent to their parents.

Hostelers during study hour

Health Care
The health of the hostelers is carefully monitored by a resident nurse and in case of prolonged illness they will be referred to a Doctor attached to the campus and the parent or guardian will be informed.

Parents are advised to keep immunizations up to date during the holidays and the management does not accept responsibility accordingly for any lapse in the matter. All students must undergo annual medical check-up as arranged by the management.

Hostel Building

Local Gaurdian
A responsible person or relative should be nominated to act as a local Guardian when ever required. Students will be allowed to go home only during holidays and vacations

Parents, relatives and those friends having obtained parental consent are allowed to call on the hostelers on the second Saturday of every month from
between 9.00 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. by special permission of the Principal.

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