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Science and Humanities Fair 2006

The Science & Humanities Fair was inaugurated by Mr. K.V.R.K. Anjaneya Sharma, Senior Civil Judge, Narsapur and by Mrs. K. Padma Suresh, Chairperson, Narsapur Municipality on 27.10.06 at 10:00 A.M. Six(6) eminent people were on the panel of Judges:

1. Dr. A.R.S. Kumar, Sr. Lecturer, Department of Physics from Sri Y.N. College, Narsapur.

2. Mr. G. Venkateswara Rao, Department of Chemistry from Sri Y.N. College, Narsapur.

3. Mr. R. Subba Rao, Department of Mathematics from Swarnandhra College of Engineering and Technology, Narsapur.

4. Mr. A. Yesu Babu, Department of Computer Science from Swarnandhra College of Engineering and Technology, Narsapur.

5. Mr. I.D. Sanad, Department of History from Flaiz Adventists College, Rustumbada, Narsapur.

6. Mr. P. Pradeep Minz, Department of Botany, Flaiz Adventists College, Narsapur.

It was an ocean of Scientific exhibits based on Physical Science, Chemical Science, Medical Science, Astronomy, Mathematics, Computer Science, Earth Science, Political Science, History, Archaeology, Geography, Economics and on the Science of English. Nearly 72 exhibits and 150 students whole heartedly participated in the Science and Humanities Fair-2006. Many schools, colleges and general public responded over-whelmingly.

On 28.10.06 at 5:00 P.M. the Science and Humanities Fair came to a close with the Valedictory Function. Mr. CH. Surya Prakash, Chairman, Kshirapuri Utsav kamiti, Palakol was the Chief Guest and Mr. S. Ramesh Babu, Secretary & Correspondent, Swarnandhra College of Engineering and Technology, Seetharampuram, Narsapur was the Guest of Honour.

The prizes were distributed to the winners of the Science & Humanities Fair.


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