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Date             :  01 March 2012
No                :  06004


Dear Parent/Guardian:

Re : News & Events  Term II   and  upcoming  events  for  the  Academic  Year  2012-2013:

We are indeed grateful to God for His care and protection throughout the Academic Year 2011-2012.   We  thank  you  for  your  continued  support  and  cooperation  and request you to take note of the following events and guidelines:

1.1: SUMMATIVE-II EXAMINATIONS:  Syllabus of all classes for the Final Term is completed and Revision is being given in all subjects. Summative Assessment-II Examinations will be conducted from 16.03.2012 to 24.03.2012.  Time table and portions were issued to students on 22.02.2012.  Results will be declared on Friday, 30.03.2012.  After the Summative Examinations students have holidays from 26.03.2012 to 31.03.2012. 
Parents are requested to clear the fee dues, or else the student will not be permitted to write SA-II Examinations.

2.1 : NEW ACADEMIC YEAR 2012-2013: New Academic Year 2012-2013 will commence from 02 April 2012.  The Academic Year is divided into two(2) Terms:

FIRST TERM          :        April, 2012       –  September, 2012
SECOND TERM      :        October, 2012 –  March, 2013   

3.1: TEXT BOOKS & NOTE BOOKSText books and note books for the Next Academic Year will be available in the School Stores from Monday, 26.03.2012 onwards.   All payments must be made in the Accounts Office and the book set can be collected from the Book Stores on submission of receipt.

4.1 : CHARACTER  EDUCATION:  The modern society especially the developing countries including India is concerned about what is called value deterioration or value crisis.  We are losing ground in cherished values this nation stood for in the ancient past.  The erosion of moral values led to obstruction and ultimately crises of character.  The answer is that the moral and spiritual foundation on which we structure our education system alone can mould the personality of the child as well as the future destiny of India.

Character education classes are conducted from Jr.Kg. to Std.VIII.

5.1: COMMUNICATION & READING  SKILLS:  Students are trained to speak assertively, to express their thoughts and opinions with confidence and to believe in their right to express them.   Loud reading practice is given regularly and the best way to improve their speaking skills is to read more books and encourage them to converse in English.

Spoken English charts are maintained to regulate students’ communication skills.

6.1 : DISCIPLINE  POLICY:  Behaviour is one of the most important elements of the School system and if the behaviour is out of control then learning is not possible.  Every teacher maintains a behaviour chart for each student to make them aware of their actions and understand the consequences.  Students learn responsibility and keep track of their own behaviour.

7.1 : SMART  CLASSES  &  SAS  MODULESSMART CLASS Modules and SAS has made learning an interesting experience for students, enables multi sensory learning in classrooms and has improved the Academic performance of students.

 8.1 : STUDENT DATA BASE:   Parents are requested to update the student data base for the next Academic Year 2012-2013, if there are any changes in  communication address, telephone Number, Cell number for SMS messages, transport facility, the location/Bus stop etc.

 9.1 : FEE  REVISION  FOR  THE  ACADEMIC  YEAR  2012-2013:  There is a nominal increase of Rs.50/- (Rs. Fifty only)  per month in Tuition fee for all classes from the next Academic Year 2012-2013. 

The Fee should be remitted in three(3) Terms.   Tuition Fee/Transport Fee should be paid on/before 25th of April, August & December. Late fee is applied after the due date @ Rs.3/- per day.  

A discount of 6% on the full year School fee is allowed to those who remit the full Academic Year’s fee i.e. 2012-2013 at one time in April,2012.

10.1 : WITHDRAWALS:   Parents intending to withdraw their children should submit a written request at least one(1) month in advance and should pay the required fee for T.C.  Transfer certificate will not be issued until all the fees for the year and any other dues are paid for those who leave at the end of the year.

A written notice of withdrawal should be given one(1) Calendar month in advance or else the fees for the following month will be charged for those who wish to leave in the middle of the Academic Year.
11.1 : NEW ADMISSIONS – 2012-2013:   Admissions into Kindergarten, Std. I to IX are in progress for the Academic Year 2012-2013.   Application and prospectus can be obtained at the School Reception. 

12.1 :  VACATION  BIBLE  SCHOOLVBS classes will be conducted by the Vacation Bible School and Child Education Ministries, Bangalore as follows:

REGISTRATION  FEE     :   Rs.100/-
DATE                             :   From  01.05.2012  to  10.05.2012           
TIME                             :   8:00 A.M.  to 1:00 P.M.                                             

Free Transport facility will be provided for the local students and from Chittavaram, Digamarru, Sagamcheruvu, Palakol, Sakhinetipalli and Razole. Students who wish to participate can remit the fee Rs.100/- to the Librarian Mr. K. Rameswara Rao on/before  15.04.2012.

13.1 : SUMMER VACATION:   SUMMER VACATION for all classes i.e. Jr.Kg. to std.X will commence from 01.05.2012 to 13.06.2012. The School reopens on THURSDAY, 14.06.2012.  The School timings shall be as usual 08:30 A.M. to 03:30 P.M

You may contact  the School office during vacation period between 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.  if you should need any further information.  

Yours faithfully,
J.Sikile School

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