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Date             :  20 June 2012
No                :  06166


Dear Parent/Guardian:

Re : Academic  Year  2012-2013  –  FIRST  TERM

We are indeed grateful to God for His protection and guidance during the past  28 Years and continue to seek His blessings in the FIRST TERM of this Academic Year 2012-2013.

01.  RESULTS IN AISSE (X) MARCH, 2012:  We congratulate the students and staff for securing CENTUM Results  in AISSE (X) March,2012 and wish them all well in their future endeavours.


CGPA  10/10

CGPA  9.8/10

CGPA  9.6/10

1) M. Jaya Chandana

1) P. Sivarama Raju

  1) T. Sruthi

2) K. Christina Evangiline

2) G. Mounika

  2) U.S.S. Vara Prasad

3) YRDSSNA Manoj Kumar 

3) R.J.P. Sai Sree Ranjani

  3) G.V. Sai Pavan

4) M. Boaz Abishakth

4) M.V. Kishore Kumar

  4) M. John Blessey

5) Gaurav Kumar

5) M.M. Srikar

  5) M. Amrutha Valli

6) Hari Priya Saripalli

6) R. Sai Vijaya

  6) Sonu Bhandari


7) K.M. Jai Kumar

  7) V. Sravika Reddy


8) R.V. Ravalika

  8) B.G. Keerthana


9) K.L. Krishna Datta

  9) B. Vamsi



10) G. Sasikiran



11) K. Mohith Prasanth



12) J.V. Manikanth



No. of students Secured













02.  SCHOOL TIMINGS:  School timings are from 08:30 A.M. to 03:30 P.M. with 30 minutes Lunch break.  All students should bring their LUNCH and a Napkin.  No student will be permitted to go home during lunch break.   Adequate rest time and activities are included for Kindergarten level students after lunch. 

03. CONTINUOUS AND COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION (CCE)CCE makes the process of teaching and learning a learner centered activity and covers all aspects of students’ development.   The evaluation is ‘continuous’ as it happens over a period of time and ‘comprehensive’ as it incorporates both the Scholastics and Co-scholastic components of learning.

There will be four(4) Formative Assessments each with 10% weightage and two(2) Summative Assessments (SA1 & SA2) with 30% weightage.

       Term-I  :  April,2012–September,2012:  FA1(10%) +FA2 (10%)+SA1 30% = 50%
       Term-II :  October,2012 – March,2013:  FA3(10%) +FA4 (10%)+SA2 30% = 50%

Each Formative Assessment will be carried through using multiple modes of Assessment such as assignments, quizzes, debates, seminars, group discussions, projects and only one Pen Paper test.

The Summative Assessment is a written end of Term Examination which consist of objective type, short answer type and long answer questions.  The Date sheet for Pen Paper test for Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments is printed in the Academic Calendar which is issued to students along with the Text books and Note books set for the year 2012-2013. 

STD.IX & X:  The Formative Assessment will be part of School based Assessment and Summative Assessment at the end of each Term will be based on the Question Banks sent by the Board.

Class X students will appear for CBSE conducted Summative Assessment-2 based on Term-II syllabus only.

04.  READING  HABITS:  Books are considered not only the best friend of a child and are also gifts of learning.  As part of Formative Assessment in CCE   Reading Projects for 10 Marks are introduced in Class IX and X.   Students will be assessed through various modes of Assessment such as conducting reviews, discussions, scripts, reading etc.

Reading Habit is promoted from Primary classes as a good reader becomes an independent learner, capable of critical thinking and taking decisions in a rational way.   We advise you to encourage good reading habit at home which helps the students to do well academically and develop writing, vocabulary, grammar and speaking skills.

05.  NEWSPAPER  READING  ACTIVITY:  Newspaper reading activity is conducted every Wednesday w.e.f. 27.06.2012 for Classes III to X.  Students can bring the Tuesday edition of “The Hindu” Newspaper with the ‘Young World’ edition.  The paper can also be purchased for Rs.3/- in the school on every Tuesday.

06.  HOME  PERIOD:  Children begin their day with the “Morning focus” time to express their views, share key events from their day like, Weather, Calendar etc. and discuss the theme for the week or an important issue.

       This Circle time can help children to develop good communication skills as they gain confidence to speak in front of others and share their views which promote self esteem and positive behaviour. 

07.  ENGLISH, MATHS, SCIENCE, G.K. OLYMPIAD:  The International Olympiads are challenging academic competitions in Science, Mathematics, English, Computer Science and General Knowledge.  Students from Classes III-X who wish to participate in any of the following competitions should remit the fee and register their name with the Librarian Mr. K. Rameswara Rao by 31.07.2012.


Name of the Exam.


Date of Exam.

Exam Fee

Text Book

Organized by


Unified Cyber Olympiad 2012

1)Mental Ability
2) Reasoning
3) Computers
4) English




Unified Council,


International Olympiad of  Computer  Science 2012





Sarthak Educational Society,
New Delhi


International Olympiad of    English   Language 2013





Educational Society of English language, New Delhi


International Olympiad of  General  Knowledge 2012

Current Affairs  G. K.




Sarthak Educational Society, New Delhi


International  Master Mathematics Olympiad 2012





Society of Mathematics Olympiad, New Delhi


International Olympiad of Science 2012





Society of Science Education, New Delhi


National level Science Talent Search Examination 2013

1) Science
2) Mathematics




Unified Council,

08.  CHARACTER EDUCATION  &  LIFE SKILLS:  Character Education & Life Skills help students to understand, care about and act upon core ethical values to be successful in all aspects of their lives.  The six(6) pillars of character – TRUSTWORTHINESS, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, FAIRNESS, CARING, and CITIZENSHIP are included in the Academic program.

09.  CLUB ACTIVITIES: The following Club activities are conducted every FRIDAY to provide opportunities for students to develop their interests and to gain social skills from positive interaction with peers.

(i)   Science & Eco-club            (iii)  Mathematics club   
(ii)  Social & Heritage club         (iv)  English club

10.  CO-CURRICULAR  ACTIVITIES:  Co-curricular Activities will be conducted for Std.IV to X by experienced Instructors and Craft work for Std.I-III on every Saturday.  The CCA activity opted once must be continued till the end of the Academic Year and no changes will be made on the activity selected by the students in the middle of the Academic Year.

       (i)  Embroidery   (ii) Yoga    (iii) Karate   (iv)  Chess   (v)  Cookery (Std.VII-X)

11.  GAMES:  Games like Shuttle, Throw-ball, Ko-ko etc. will be conducted in the school play ground between 4:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. under the supervision of the PETs from Monday to Saturday.  Local students can participate.

12.  DISCIPLINE  POLICY:  Behaviour  is one of the most important elements of the School system and if the bahaviour is out of control then learning is not possible. Remarks will be written in the relevant section of the student’s Diary regarding any misbehavior, incompletion of work, late coming, Uniform code etc.  Disciplinary action will be taken accordingly after three warnings noted in the Diary.

13.  SCHOOL  TRANSPORT:  All safety norms must be adhered to when students avail the school Transport.  Transport facility may be cancelled for perpetual misbehavior.

14.  UPGRADATION  OF  COMPUTER LAB:  We are pleased to inform you that 25 New Computer systems with LCD monitors have been installed in the Computer Lab this Academic year 2012-2013 with high configuration which supports all the latest software.

15.  PARENT  TEACHER  MEET:  Parents/Guardians are expected to attend these meetings to discuss with the concerned teachers about the student’s progress.  TIME : 04:00 PM TO 05:00 PM.  The dates are printed in the Academic Calendar 2012-2013.

16.  NEW  ADMISSIONS:  Hand writing classes will be conducted upto 30th June, 2012 for the students with poor hand writing skills.   All the new admissions should come in Uniform with the prescribed set of Text books and Note books by 25.06.2012.  Please note that non-submission of Transfer Certificate and Birth Certificate on/before 10.07.2012 may warrant cancellation of admission.

17.  I.D. CARDS:  ID cards will be issued to all students by July, 2012 and they should wear the ID cards every day.

18.  SMS ALERTS:  Examination dates, Disciplinary remarks, Extra Curricular Activities, Absenteeism, Fee Due Reminders or any urgent information will be intimated through SMS Alerts.  Kindly inform the School office in writing if there are any changes in your contact Mobile numbers.

19.  FIRST-AID AND PANEL OF DOCTORS:  FIRST-AID is administered by the School Nurse and in case of emergency the student will be sent to  Hospital/clinic based on the nature of sickness.  Please inform in writing to the School Nurse of any pre-existing Medical problem of the students.

       The Panel of Doctors of the School for this Academic Year 2012-2013 are as follows:




1.  Dr. D. Samba Murthy, M.S. (Oph.)

Vijayalakshmi Eye Hospital

(08814) 275239

2.  Dr. D. Srinivasa Rao, MBBS, DCH

Pediatrician, Sri Sai Hospital

(08814) 276066

3.  Dr. A. Ram Satish, M.S. (Ortho.)

Orthopedic Hospital

(08814) 277877

4.  Dr. M. Swamy, MBBS

Narsapur Christian Hospital

(08814) 273340

20.  SCHOOL FEE  &  TRANSPORT  FEE:   School fee/Transport fee should be remitted as per the schedule.  Late fee is applied after the due date @ Rs.3/- per day.  If the fee is not paid even at the end of the Term the student will not be permitted to School or avail Transport in the following Term.   

21.  PURIFIED DRINKING WATER:  OXYPLUS 500 LPH Reverse Osmosis based purification system provides purified drinking water to all the students.

22.  ACADEMIC CO-ORDINATORS:  Academic Micro Plan, correction work, floor discipline is monitored by the Academic Co-ordinators and the Administrative staff are as follows:

       Ms. V. Madhavi, Vice-Principal   :   Incharge of Kindergarten & Std.I – III
       Ms. Md. Jabeen,  Principal          :  Incharge of Std. IV – X

23.  HELPDESK:  You may contact the Co-ordinator at the Helpdesk for any further information during the School office timings. If you wish to meet the Principal/Vice-Principal, please note that the visiting hours are from           04:00 P.M. to 05:00 P.M. on all working days.

Yours faithfully,
J.Sikile School

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