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Date             :  29 September 2010
No                :  05000

Dear Parent/Guardian:

News & Events Term I – Upcoming events and Date Sheet for FA3, FA4  & SA2:

We thank you for your valued support  and cooperation during the First Term.  Report Books for FA1, FA2 were issued and SA1 will be issued shortly.

01. SEMINARS:  Seminars were conducted as per the Academic Calendar during the First Term and students had participated actively in the interactive sessions.

21.07.10:  Seminar for std.VI & VII on Dental care, Health and Hygiene was conducted by      Dr. K. Rambabu, Mamata Super Speciality Dental Clinic, Narsapur Town.

28.07.10:  Seminar for std.VIII-X on “Chemistry in every day life” was conducted by              Mr. P. Subrahmanyam, Dept. of Chemistry, Sri Y.N. College.

31.08.10:  Seminar for std.IX & X students on Environmental pollution – Hazards of using plastics was conducted by Mr. G. Ananda Raju, Environmental Engineer, Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India., Narsapur Municipality.

02. CHARACTER  EDUCATION:  Character is the foundation of  true success and helps children to be:
CONSCIOUS of the right thing to do, COMMITTED to do the right thing and, COMPETENT in doing the right thing.   

Students have viewed several Moral stories, power point presentations and the following videos, on the two pillars of character i.e. TRUSTWORTHINESS and RESPECT during the first Term in the SMART CLASS:

a) World icon  Nelson Mandela, a symbol of  courage who challenged and conquered injustice.
b) “Hachiko” – A true story of loyalty and devotion in Tokyo, Japan that stood the test of time.
c) The principle of the Golden Rule in Respect module. “Treat others the way you want to be treated”.
d) Use good manners, not bad language.

03. I.D. CARDS:  ID cards have been issued to all students and they are expected to wear every day.  Students who have lost/damaged should remit Rs.50/- (Rs. Fifty only) for replacement of ID card.  However, if the lane yard/holder is damaged, you can obtain the same by paying Rs.25/- only.

04. MONTHLY BUS PASS FOR TRANSPORT STUDENTS:  All students who are availing school transport will be issued with a Bus Pass for each month w.e.f. October,2010 by the Accounts Office on payment of Transport fee.   All students are expected to carry the Bus Pass with them every day during the Month for easy identification and verification.

05. COMPETITIONS:  Quiz and Recitation competitions were conducted in August,2010 and the prizes and certificates for the winners were awarded during the School Assembly on 27.09.2010.



  1. Right to Education Act 2009 – Gateway for India’s Development.
  2. Commonwealth Games 2010 – Uniting the common wealth through sport.
  3. International Day of Peace - September 21:  Strengthen the ideals of Peace. You are responsible for the world you see.


  1. Commonwealth Games 2010 – My favourite sports Star.
  2. The National/International Leader I admire the most.

Students may choose on any one(1) topic as per their level.

06. COMMON WEALTH IN EDUCATION PROGRAMME FOR 2010:  CBSE vide Circular No.60 dated 15.09.2010 has organized a series of fun contests and activities that involve children all across the country in the spirit of common wealth games 2010 through “Shera Mera Dost” programme.   Students can log on to the official website of Delhi Tourism www.delhitourism.gov.in and click on “Shera Mera Dost” link in the home page inorder to access and participate in the various activities under the program.

The following competitions will be held in School.

i)POSTER DESIGN COMPETITION ON FRIDAY,01.10.10 :  On A3 size chart paper students should design a poster on “The Spirit of the Common Wealth”.  Students can use crayons, colour pencils, sketch pens, pictures etc. and should write their name, class and section at the  back of the poster.   All students are encouraged to participate and can put up these posters at home, in cars etc. and for the top three(3) entries prizes will be awarded from each group.

         Primary level      :           Std.I   –   III
         Junior    level      :           Std.IV  -  VI
         Senior    level      :           Std.VII -   X

ii) COMMON WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE:  Quiz and presentation on each country participating in the common wealth games will be organized.

07. ARTS AND SCIENCE FAIR ON 30.10.2010:  Arts and Science Fair at all  levels are great learning experiences and students from Kindergarten and std.I to X can participate either individually or as a team on any topic of their choice.

Participants should register their names and title of the item/exhibit with Librarian          Mr. K. Rameswara Rao on or before 06.10.10.  The titles of the exhibits registered will be displayed on the board to avoid repetition. 

08. Term II TEXT BOOKS AND NOTE BOOKS:  Term II commenced from 25.09.10 and students should bring  Term II Text books and Note books from Jr.Kg. to std.V.               Std.I to III students should submit the Class work note books of Term II to their respective Class teachers.

09. FIELD TRIPS:  Field trips provide hands on experience, increases knowledge and understanding of a subject.   Field Trip to MEENA GOLD BISCUIT COMPANY, BHIMAVARAM was arranged for std.X students on 29.10.2010.

Detailed circular regarding Field trips as per the Academic Calendar will be issued for other classes in due course. 

10. LUNCH BAGS:  The lunch bags of the students must have a clear tag with the Name, class and section of the student and please send a napkin and a spoon.  We request you to kindly deliver the lunch boxes to the Help Desk Co-ordinator by 11:30 A.M. to avoid delays.

11. DASARA VACATION:  Dasara vacation for students commence from 07.10.2010 to 18.10.2010 as per the A.P. Govt. notification.  The school reopens on Tuesday, 19.10.2010.  The school office timings during vacation period is from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

12. SENIOR PRINCIPAL: We are pleased to inform you that Ms. P. Vijaya George, M.A., B.Ed. is designated as Senior Principal who has over 25 years of experience as Teacher and Principal in ICSE, CBSE and State Board Schools.  

She will officiate as an Academic Advisor to the Principal, Vice-Principal, teaching staff and will monitor the Academic schedule, School programs, Science fair and Co-curricular Activities.  She will also conduct sessions with the students on communication skills, character education, will counsel students/parents on discipline problems will analyze, motivate the gifted students and slow learners to improve in their grades.

Parents who wish to seek her advice and guidance may do so with prior appointment through the Help Desk Co-coordinator.

FA-3, FA-4  &  SA-2  Time table and portions.

Click here for Jr. Kg till Class III

Click here for Class IV till IX

Wishing you all a happy Dasara vacation.

Yours faithfully,
J.Sikile School




- Right to Education Act 2009 – Gateway for India’s development.

- Common Wealth Games 2010 – Uniting the common wealth through sport.

- International Day of Peace – September 21  -  Strengthen the ideals of peace on You are responsible for the World you see.

- Essay must be written neatly as per the word limit.  Time given is one(1) hour.

- Essay must begin with a title page containing topic, number of words, Name, Class and section.  Each page must be numbered.

Panel of judges will select the winners and will judge the essay based on the following points:

  1. Understanding of the Topic                                        :           10
  2. Effectiveness of style and organization of usage           :           10
  3. Originality in approach and treatment of the topic         :           05

                                                                          Total        :           25

1) The above themes are only suggestive and participants are free to develop exhibits based on other topics of their choice.

2) The timings of the Exhibition will be from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

3) The exhibits will be evaluated by a team of subject experts.  The major parameters of evaluation include.

4) i)   creativity and innovation
     ii)  scientific thought/Principle/Technical
    iii) presentation, explanation skill and demonstration

5) The participants should submit a brief write up of the model/exhibit displayed which should include title, objective, scientific principle involved, material used, figure, working investigations/findings, approve cost, scope of the project along with the name of the participant and address. 

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