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Date             :  28 September 2010
No                :  04998

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Ref : CBSE   Circular   No.44/2010   dated  02.08.2010:
        Our    Circular   No.04266      dated    05.07.2010:

Sub : Examination Reforms for the Session  2010-2011:

The salient features of the scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) for Class IX and X are being reiterated below for clarification:

1. Under the CCE, an academic year has been divided into two terms-Term I extending from April to September and Term II from October to March.  The syllabus in each subject for Classes IX and X has been distributed term wise.  This term wise syllabus is issued to the students.

The question papers in every subject for Summative Assessments for classes IX and X for SA-1 will be based on Term I syllabus and for SA-II on Term II syllabus.

2. The Board will provide the question papers and marking schemes in all the subjects for classes IX and X   for SA-I and Class IX for SA-II.

3. Term I and Term II will have following weightage:

  • Term I    :    FA1 (10%) + FA2 (10%) + SA1 (20%)  =  40%
  • Term II   :    FA3 (10%) + FA4 (10%) + SA2 (40%)  =  60%

4. Class X students studying in secondary schools will take Board conducted Summative Assessment-II (SA-II).

The Summative Assessments-II (SA-II) for Class X conducted by the Board will be –

  • Based on same syllabus prescribed for Term II only.
  • Will carry the same weightage of 40% towards final grade.
  • The students appearing in the Board conducted SA-II will be assessed by the External Examiners as has been the practice in the past for Board Examinations.

5. At the end of Class X, every student will receive the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Certificate of School Based Assessment prepared, printed and signed by the Board.   For this, the board will collect the data electronically from all the schools.

The report Book for FA1 and FA2 have been issued.  SA1 is conducted as per the time-table given vide our Circular No.04266 dated 05.07.2010 from 17.09.2010 to 24.09.2010.

The Term II syllabus will commence from 25.09.2010. The time table and portions for FA3 (1 & 2),     fa4 (1 & 2)  and Pre-final  are printed over leaf based on II Term syllabus only.

Click here for Class X time table and portions

Yours faithfully,
J.Sikile School

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