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Date             :  17 December 2010
No                :  05181

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Re   :   News & Events Term II  –  Upcoming  events  and  Date  Sheet  for  FA5,  FA6  & SA3:

We thank you for your continued support and cooperation during the Second Term.  Report Books for FA4 from Jr.Kg. to Std.VII were issued and SA2 examinations are being conducted from 13.12.2010 to 21.12.2010.

1) ARTS  &  SCIENCE  FAIR  ON  30.10.2010:   Arts and Science Fair was held on 30.10.2010 and students displayed 161 creative exhibits ranging from historical facts, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and the radio – the media through which you may express your impression of spectacular items.

Chief guest Mr. K. Venkata Subbaiah, R.D.O., Narsapur Division who graced this occasion congratulated the participants and commended the services and contribution of  J. Sikile School.  The following panel of Judges assessed these projects and selected the winners:

a) Mr. K. Lakshminarayana Rao, M.Sc.,M.Phil.
    Head of Dept. in Physics,
    Sri Y.N. College, Narsapur–534 275

b)Prof. M.D. Sudheer Kumar,  M.Tech.,  MIE
    Correspondent, N.I.T., Narsapur–534 275

c) Dr. Josephine Higgs (U.K.),
    C/o. Ms. B.J.C. Tilsley
    Holland Wharf Hostel, Narsapur – 534 275

d) Mr. S.  Vara Prasad Babu, M.S.
    Associate Professor, Electronics Dept.
     N.I.T.,  Narsapur – 534 275

e) Mr. K.V.S. Rama Krishna, M.A.,M.L.I.Sc.
    Associate Professor, N.I.T., Narsapur 

f) Mr. B. Samson Raju
    Member, J. Sikile School Managing      
    Committee &  Retd. Teacher, Narsapur

g) Mr. J. Prakasha Rao
    Member, J. Sikile School Managing  
    Committee &  Retd. Headmaster, Narsapur

h) Ms. P. Raja Kumari
    Retd. Teacher
    Narsapur – 534 275


All participants of the Arts & Science Fair were awarded with certificates and winners will be honoured with shields and certificates. 

2) DIVISIONAL LEVEL SCIENCE EXHIBITION HELD AT BHIMAVARAM: Our students were awarded First and Second prizes at the Divisional level Science Exhibition held at Bhimavaram on 18.11.2010. 

G. Mounica, Std.X First Prize for her project “Water Spout”. 
P. Jahnavi, Std.VII Second Prize for her project “Total Internal Effect”.

3) DISTRICT LEVEL SCIENCE EXHIBITION HELD AT TANUKU: We congratulate our student  P. Jahnavi of std.VII who was awarded First prize for her project “Total Internal Effect”  in District level Science exhibition held at Tanuku from 28.11.2010 to 30.11.2010 and is selected for State level.

4) CHARACTER  EDUCATION:   Science and Technology are exploding, but wisdom is imploding.  Knowledge is expanding but human values are shrinking.  The value education provides the foundation for character and moral development.   Character Education Classes are conducted regularly with the concept of 
“A person pursuing excellence doesn’t surrender to obstacles or excuses, instead he will overcome them”.

Students have viewed the following videos on the two pillars of character – ‘Responsibility’ and ‘Fairness’ during II Term in the Smart class.

  1. Responsibility:  Responsibility means doing what you are supposed to do, to be accountable for your actions, to persevere, have self discipline, think before you act, consider consequences and always do your best.  Students have viewed a challenging video about Nick Vujicic a man born without limbs
    (no arms and legs) but who has accomplished more than most people accomplish in a life time.

  2. Fairness:  Fairness means to be just, play by the rules, take turns and share, listen to others and that playing fairly is more important than winning.  At the age of 12, Craig  Kielburger in 1995 formed an organization called “Free the children” aimed at eradicating child labour.  Students have viewed a video about Craig Kielburger who inspires a generation to care about social justice. 

Today “Free the Children” is the world’s largest network of children, helping children through education and development programs involved in 45 countries.


i) Essay writing, Fancy dress, on the spot painting competitions were conducted as per the school Calendar.  Prizes and certificates were presented to the winners.

ii) Our students participated in the “Essay Writing” and on the “Spot Drawing Competition” on the topic “The Role of Police in Religious Harmony” on the occasion of Police Commemoration Day.  The following students secured prizes:

              First Prize in “Essay Writing”                            :    K. Sravya, Std.X  
              First Prize in “Spot Drawing Competition”           :    Pranabindu Udan, Std.VI

iii) Students from VIII-X participated in 18th All India Essay Competition on Road Safety and 13th All India Essay Competition on Vehicular Pollution conducted by CBSE on 08.12.2010 and 10.12.2010 respectively.

iv) Five(5) students from std.IX-X participated in CBSE Group Mathematical Olympiad 2010 at Hyderabad on 05.12.2010.

v) Peace Rally was conducted by our School on 02.10.2010 on account of Gandhi Jayanthi.  About 200 students participated in this rally. Mr. S. Percy Paul, our Correspondent garlanded the statue of Gandhiji.


  1. Std.VI  students   visited   “Lace  Park”   at   Sitharampuram   on   06.10.2010.
  2. Std.VII students visited “Agricultural Research Centre”  at  Marteru on 04.10.2010.
  3. Std.IX students visited  “Rolex Paper Mills” Ltd.  at  Chinthaparru  on  18.11.2010.

7) SEMINARS:  A Seminar was conducted on Road Safety and Vehicular Pollution on 14.12.2010 for std.IX and X.  Police personnel Mr. N. Vijaya Kumar and                Mr. K. Mudayya from the Narsapur Police Station appraised the students regarding Road Safety and Vehicular Pollution.  Our Social teacher Mr. V. Satyanarayana and students from std.IX and X participated in the interactive session.

8) MONTHLY  BUS  PASS  FOR  TRANSPORT  STUDENTS:  All students who avail School transport are issued a Bus Pass for each month w.e.f. October,2010 by the Accounts Office on payment of Transport fees.  All students are expected to carry the Bus Pass with them everyday during the month for easy identification and verification.

9) TERM IIITerm III will commence from 03.01.2011 and students should bring Term III Text books from Jr.Kg. to std.V.  Std. I-III students should submit the class work note books of Term III to their respective Class teachers.

10) NEW  ACADEMIC  YEAR  2011-2012:   The First Term for the Academic Year    2011-2012 will be from April,2011 to September,2011 and the Second Term will be from October,2011 to March,2012.

All classes for the Academic Year 2011-2012 will commence from 15.04.2011 upto 30.04.2011 and the Summer vacation will commence from 01.05.2011.          

11) TEXT BOOKS AND NOTE BOOKS FOR THE NEXT ACADEMIC YEAR 2011-2012:  Text books and Note books for the next Academic Year 2011-2012 will be made available in our School stores from March,2011and the dates will be notified in due course.
12) CHRISTMAS  VACATION:   Christmas vacation for students will commence from 22.12.2010 to 02.01.2011.  The school reopens on MONDAY, 03.01.2011.  The school office timings during vacation period is from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011.

FA5, FA6 and SA3 examination schedule

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Yours faithfully,
J.Sikile School

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