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Date             :  12 Oct 2012
No                :  06412


Dear Parent/Guardian:

Re    :     News  &  Events:   Term-I  &  Term-II:      

I deem it a privilege to have been appointed as the Principal of J. Sikile School which has a history of over 29 years of Academic excellence and accomplishments.  I look forward to build upon its traditions, success and work in collaboration with Staff and Parents, to create the best possible environment that renders learning an exciting experience to our students.

I graduated from the Bangalore University with M.Sc.,M.Ed. in Mathematics and have       14 years of teaching and Administrative experience in Fathima Teachers’ Training Institute, and schools like Army Public School, Bangalore.

I am pleased to share a few lines regarding the value of Education in this competitive world.   The aim of education reflects the current needs, aspirations of  society as well as its lasting values and broad human ideals.

The system of educating the child needs concept based teaching.  This is a continuous process of deepening and enriching connections and acquiring new layers of meaning.  With the syllabus volumes increasing I wish to make learning easier for students.  Teaching has to change with changing times and I would like to conduct year long Teachers’ orientation programs to ensure that students will get the benefit.

We trust that every student is capable of accomplishing great tasks and our expectations are high both in terms of academics and developing good character.  We believe that our students will achieve these standards with guidance and support at home and school.

We thank you again for your continued support and co-operation during the First Term and would like you to take note of the following update of events and guidelines for the Second Term.

01)   FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT-I & II:  Formative Assessment-I and II were conducted as per schedule.

02)   SUMMATIVE  ASSESSMENT-I: Summative Assessment-I was conducted from 28.09.2012 to 06.10.2012.   Report Books will be issued on/before 15.10.2012.  Folders for Report Books are available in the School Stores.

03)   PARENT TEACHER MEET:  Parent Teacher Meet-1 and 2 were conducted as per schedule.  The next Parent Teacher Meet-3 will be conducted as follows from          3:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M.:

         FRIDAY, 09.11.2012  :  Jr.Kg. – Std.IV   
         SATURDAY, 10.11.2012
  :      Std.V – X

04)   TEACHERS’ DAY: On Teachers’ Appreciation day on 05.09.2012 Std.X students took charge as  teachers and conducted classes, maintained discipline in the school for   Std.II to IX. 

05)   FIELD TRIP:  Field trips help the students to comprehend what they learn and the experience gained to understand the concept better. Std.IX students visited Meena Biscuit Factory which is located at Bhimavaram on 22.08.2012.  Field trips for other classes will be arranged during II Term.

06)   SMART  CLASS:  Smart class modules are viewed by students as per their class schedule which makes learning an enriching experience and improves their overall Academic performance.

07)   CIRCLE  TIME:   This is conducted before the commencement of 1st period.  The students get time to share the topic on rotational basis and helps to improve their language and communication skills.  The following topics were given:

23.07.12 – 28.07.12 :   Conservation          
27.08.12 –  01.09.12 : History of Inventions
30.07.12 – 04.08.12 :   Olympics
03.09.12 – 08.09.12 : Responsibility
06.08.12 – 11.08.12  :   Hygiene
10.09.12 – 15.09.12 : Scientists
13.08.12 – 18.08.12  :   Safety
17.09.12 – 22.09.12 : Sports
20.08.12 – 25.08.12  :   Communication     
24.09.12 – 27.09.12 : Diversities

i)      The following competitions were conducted as per the schedule:
                  1)  Fancy Dress Competition from Jr.Kg. to Std.X.
                  2)  Quiz Competition from Std.I to X.
                  3)  Recitation Competition for Jr.Kg.  and Sr.Kg.

Students actively participated in the competitions.  The winners will be awarded with certificates and Mementos on Children’s Day i.e. 14.11.2012.

ii)     INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS: The following competitions were conducted:

  1. Green Olympiad for Std.VIII to X was conducted on 25.08.2012.
  1. Unified Cyber Olympiad from Std.III to X was conducted on 07.09.2012.

iii)    INTER  SCHOOL  COMPETITION:  The Gandhi Research Centre, Sri Y.N. College conducted Elocution and Essay writing Competitions on 10.08.2012 and 11.08.2012 respectively. M. Spandana, Std.X-C secured 2nd prize in English Essay Writing Competition and D. Dhanya Sri of Std.X-C secured 1st prize in Telugu Essay Writing Competition.

iv)    CBSE  REGIONAL  LEVEL  SCIENCE  EXHIBITION:  It was conducted in Chennai for (2) days i.e. 13.08.2012 and 14.08.2012.  Our students participated and presented the following projects:

  1. Agriculture and food security

Participants            :     1) P. Jahnavi, Std.IX    2)  P.L. Tarang Krishna, Std.X
Teacher Incharge   :     Ms. C.N. Bindu Madhuri

  1. Climate change – Global warming preventive method i.e.

      “Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)” Technology.
Participants            :     1) Aman Jain, Std.X     2) M. Rishita, Std.X
Teacher Incharge   :     Mr. M. Vishnu Murthy

v)     XII CBSE HERITAGE INDIA QUIZ-2012:  Screening Test was conducted for Classes IX & X and three(3) students were selected to participate in XII CBSE Nation wide Heritage India Quiz-2012.

vi)    CBSE  GROUP  MATHEMATICS  OLYMPIAD  2012:   Screening test for students of IX and X was conducted and best five(5) students were selected to participate in the competition.


09)   HOME PERIOD:  One(1) period per week will be allotted as Home Period w.e.f. 02.11.2012 to introduce curricular activities like Debates, Seminars, Guest Lectures, Recitation, Best out of waste etc. which will enable the students to improve their communicative,  thinking and creative skills.  10 Marks will be allotted and added to their language paper.

10)   ESSAY WRITING COMPETITIONS will be conducted in four(4) Categories on 31.10.2012  as follows and students can choose any one topic:

  1. Category-I : Std.I & II:                   b)  Category-II : Std.III & IV:                              

      i)    Picnic fun                                    i)  A day at the Beach
      ii)  My Best Birthday                          ii)  What makes me special ?
      iii) Grand Parents and me                    iii) Health is Wealth
c)  Category-III : Std.V-VII:                d)  Category-IV : Std.VII-X:                             

   i)   A special Person in my life                i)  Conservation of  Bio-diversity
   ii)  Water is our Life                             ii)  My plans to make India a super Power
   iii) My Town, My Pride                     iii) Importance of English Communication         
                                                                                 Skill in the Globalizing World.


  1. English language-2012 will be conducted on 07.11.2012.
  2. G.K.-2012 will be conducted on 17.11.2012.
  3. Mathematics Olympiad will be conducted on 06.12.2012.
  4. Science Olympiad will be conducted on 13.12.2012.

12)   SEMINARS FOR STD.VI TO X:                     

Std.VI                  -   10.11.2012                            Std.VI       -     05.11.2012                     
Std.VII & VIII    -   08.11.2012                            Std.VII      -     19.11.2012
Std.IX to X         -   03.11.2012                            Std.VIII     -     24.11.2012

13)   11th NATIONAL LEVEL PAINTING COMPETITION-2012:  International Green Productivity Association has organized 11th National Painting Competition 2012 for Std.I to X.  The details of the competition are as follows:

  1. Day & Date of Competition         :           FRIDAY, 02.11.2012
  2. Entry fee for Competition                        :           Rs.30/-
  3. Size of the Drawing sheet must be of 14 x 11 inch (approx).
  4. Can use any colouring medium, water colours, oil colours, colour pencils, sketch pens, crayons etc.
  5. Subjects / Topics (Any one):  

Juniors Std.I-V   :  Save Water, Plantation, Festival, Save Earth, Pollution
Seniors Std.VI-X:  Save Energy, Festival, My Town, Natural Calamities, E-Waste

Interested students can remit the fee to the Librarian Mr. K. Rameswara Rao by 16.10.2012.   Appreciation certificates will be issued to all participants.



         i)     Plan for a set time and place where home work and regular study can be completed in every subject.  Make your child to read the Text book as and when the lesson is taught so that the child can understand the concepts better.  Please check and sign the School Diary every day.

         ii)    All class works are retained in the class cupboard and ensure that your child has packed the school bag as per time table and atleast once a week clean up the School bag.

         iii)  Please give reading practice to your child fifteen(15) minutes every day in English, Telugu/Hindi.  Limit the television viewing to a minimum level during the week.

         iv)   All students are expected to converse in English and encourage your child at home also to speak and write in English fluently.

         v)    Every student is expected to have 90% of Attendance and it is the criteria for promotion to the next class. Parents are advised to plan vacations, functions, in accordance with the School Calendar.   Prior sanction of leave by the Principal      is mandatory for Std.IX and X students.  Re-examination will not be conducted for absentees.

         vi)   Mobile Phones and Electronic items are strictly prohibited in the school campus.  If any student is found carrying a Mobile phone or any other Electronic item the same will be confiscated and retained in the custody of Helpdesk Co-ordinator.

         vii) Please ensure that your child comes to School in neat and tidy uniform with        I.D. card and are expected to trim nails, polish and buckle their shoes, cut their hair regularly (Boys).

        viii)  All students should report to school on time by 8:30 A.M.  It is observed that local students are often late to school.  After (3) warnings in the diary the late comers will not be allowed in for the day.

15)   DASARA VACATION:  School closes for Dasara Vacation from 17.10.2012 to 28.10.2012 and reopens on MONDAY i.e. 29.10.2012.

You can meet Helpdesk Co-ordinator if you have any queries who will arrange an appointment with the concerned staff or Administrators as may be required.


With confidence and determination, I would like to prepare a strong foundation for the students from school level and nurture them into holistic personalities.

With your partnership, “WE CAN” and “WE WILL” strengthen our students and the values of education in terms of quality as we continue to redefine the system of education with vision and passion. 


Yours faithfully,
J.Sikile School

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