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Arts and Science Fair 2010

Good morning !

On behalf of the J. Sikile Management, Staff and students.  I Vijaya George, Sr. Principal take this opportunity to welcome you all to this magnificent and spectacular Arts and Science exhibition gala day.

First of all I thank our Almighty God who allowed us to switch on its spot lights at J. Sikile School and Academy to display its new, vibrant, energetic and progressive Science Fair.

This Science exhibition provides memories of our J. Sikile School’s glorious past, a dynamic present and a promising future.  We believe in holistic education and provide students with new learning techniques such as Smart class modules to bring- out their best.   We have various extra curricular activities and ensure a great deal of focus on inculcating values, ethics and global citizenship traits.  The institution has put together world-class educational facilities and committed to excellence and high achievements.

The aim of this display is to unleash the hidden talents of individuals to reach greater heights in tomorrow’s world with confidence which is the legacy of our school.

Our 161 extravagant exhibits ranging from Historical facts such as ancient monuments, coins and  stamp collection, houses, dams, transport etc.  and Biological sciences such as plants, animals, forests etc.  and physical sciences that will take you to electricity, Big bang theory, Cell Towers, Anemo-meter and finally put you to radio-the media through which you may express your ideas and impressions of today’s events.

I would like to congratulate all the parents who gave a helping hand to their children to make this event  successful.  I would like to extend my gratitude to the dignitaries and judges for their gracious presence .

I would like to thank the teaching and the non-teaching staff for their relentless effort in making this project a grandeur.

I would like express my gratitude to our J. Sikile Management, Members of the Managing Committee who are well-known social activists, community leaders and eminent educationists whose contributions in the academic field are well known across the state.

Thank you sirs and madam for your generous contribution. 

Thank you all once again. Have a nice day !

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